TWRP Custom Recovery in the works for rooted Fire TV 2


The 2nd-gen Fire TV was rooted a little over a month ago and thanks to the great AFTVnews community for chipping in to buy rbox a 2nd-gen Fire TV, he is well on his way to getting a custom recovery, based on TWRP, working on the new device. Rbox tells me he has TWRP starting on boot and displaying the curtain splash screen. There is still a long way to go, but he’s confident he’ll have a functioning custom recovery ready for the Fire TV 2 soon.

Custom recoveries, like TWRP and ClockworkMod, allow us to easily install custom and pre-rooted ROMs onto rooted Fire TVs. This is essential to being able to safely and easily update rooted Fire TVs, without losing root, once Amazon inevitably blocks the current rooting method.

Rbox also told me he has TWRP custom recovery working on the 1st-gen Fire TV. This will be necessary to update rooted 1st-gen Fire TVs to Fire OS 5 when Amazon releases that software update. Due to changes brought on by Fire OS 5, the current ClockworkMod custom recovery, that rooted 1st-gen Fire TV owners are using, will not work with Fire OS 5. So, rooted 1st-gen Fire TV owners who wish to update to Fire OS 5 will need to first switch their recovery from ClockworkMod to TWRP. I’ll be sure to write a guide for installing TWRP on both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV once rbox releases them.

  1. Some One says:

    That’s absolutely fantastic news! I’ve been waiting patiently for this amazing news.

    Soo…Elias, when are you posting your written up guide of how-to root the fire TV 2? The thread over on XDA is filling with excellent information. I send everybody I know to your site for tips but there’s still no tutorials for firetv 2.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I know I’m late with my guide. Sorry about that. My plan was to write it last week, but I’ve been sick, which is why I’ve been posting so infrequently lately. Today is the first day I’ve started feeling better, so hopefully I’ll be back to my usual output soon.

  2. Skater4599 says:

    Yes!! This is amazing news! Back to proper updates ala rbox!

  3. schybiorz says:

    That are fantastic news @elias and @rbox
    so our old aftv1 is not “dead” :-)

    is there any ETA nwes, when amazon will releas FireOS for old AFTV?
    in theri dev-forum is no real clue on this.

    thx all for your hard work.

    greets schybiorz

    • AFTVnews says:

      Amazon never gives an official ETA for updates. My sources tell me it’ll arrive next month, but it has been postponed so many times now that we never know for sure.

  4. Some One says:

    I must add that this premise VMWare image makes this process a whole lot easier…

  5. luthersman says:

    what advantages are there to rooting the fire tv? I rooted the first gen and then reverted back to stock. With firestarter (launcher), kodi (media files), and esfile (for side loading).

  6. daffung says:

    im rooted as well but i never needed it, i used it mainly because i wanted to use NTFS and mount it and use my hardrive with KODI
    in the long run apps needed an update like (netflix) so i reverted back to the latest stock.. and i just ran (shared files from my computer) SMB my way to my video files instead of the hardrive.. much better and convenient and dont have to move it to the drive

  7. DJ1 says:

    Is there anyway to root without an USB cable A-A like the
    AFTV 1.

  8. Y314K says:

    Great to hear. I thought we would need to unRoot to upgrade to OS 5 & then reRoot using the 2 Gen FTV method. Glad it won’t be that complicated.

    My philosophy use to be that Root meant you own your FTV & that not being able to Root meant you where merely renting it. But now it seems UnRooted FTV’s have catch up to Rooted ones. The only major difference being the PlayStore. But since you have to keep tricking it as Nexus device. It is more of a hassle then just sideloading APK’s.

    I hope that when you are making the 1st Gen TWRP & OS 5 upgrade tutorials you include the options to “wipe data/factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” & not sure about “wipe dalvik cache”. I would like for my 1st Gen FTV’s to be as close to Rooted stock/virgin when upgrading to OS 5. Not sure if the wiping will be best pre-OS 5 flashing or post-OS 5 flashing. Or if the wiping will be best done on CWM or TWRP.

    Also we will need to know how to get SuperSU app to actually open. Right now it shows installed but the only options to it is to Force Close or Wipe Data or Cache. You can’t open it like before. And FireStarter shows it as a Amazon System App. Which I think it’s correct. I think RBox mention something about needing a different version or something.

    Guess I am just adding to your 2016 to do list. Keep up the great work next year…

  9. Fero says:

    Call it rumors but one of the youtube live video from Husaham from (Ep#73) few days ago one of the guest claims that his sources from amazon says that they will send some surprise in 2016 which he beleive amazon is planing to kill kodi or prevent Lodi running on amazon devices. They did not talk in detail’s and topic was change.Do anyone have heard anything like that. Sorry for bad English.

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