TWRP custom recovery and Pre-rooted ROM released for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 1

The long wait is finally over. Rbox has released his TWRP custom recovery and a per-rooted ROM for the 1st generation Amazon Fire TV Stick. This will allow those of you who rooted with KingRoot or Kingo Root can now install TWRP custom recovery and use it to update to the latest software version without losing root.

The instructions for installing TWRP are fairly simple, but I’ll have a guide up within a couple days for those who need it. Entering and controlling TWRP is different then you may be used to if you have a rooted Fire TV, since the Fire TV Stick does not have a full-sized USB port for external keyboards. You’ll need to connect the Fire TV Stick to your PC and use ADB over USB. A file needs to be created in a specific directory to enter TWRP, then once you’re in, you’ll need to use a mouse emulator program, that rbox has created, to navigate around TWRP. I’ll have more about this when I write my guide, but rbox has explained the procedure in his posts.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you perform a complete factory reset after installing the pre-rooted ROM for the first time. This is so that you remove all the junk left behind by KingRoot or Kingo Root. If you have the means, be sure to donate to rbox for sticking with this endeavour for so long and coming through in the end. He had to overcome a lot of obstacles getting TWRP to work with the Fire TV Stick, so it’s very impressive that he has pulled it off.

  1. DeanR1977 says:

    This is brillant, thankyou Rbox & thankyou AFTVNews as well, now i have two sticks i need to update!!!! Thanks angain

  2. cdlenfert says:

    This is impressive. A mouse emulator!! I’ve since sold my 1st Gen Stick, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 2nd Gen Stick root in the future and hoping this method of installing TWRP could be ported over. If not, maybe a version of the box TWRP install method that requires OTG cable would work. Go Stick!!

  3. kel says:

    merry xmas rbox …. donation on its way

  4. Dynamic Robotics says:

    Big thanks to Rbox! Unfortunately I’ve given away my gen 1 fire sticks to family and can’t use this now. Waiting for a twrp and ROM for gen 2 if he can.

    Either way, donation is coming to him to show appreciation for his hard work throughout this time!

  5. Lo says:

    Crap, was done excited thinking this was the update for the first gen Fire TV 1 with new interface.

  6. Tom says:

    First Gen Fire TV 1 should be forthcoming, I’m hoping….

  7. Joe says:

    Ok, what am I missing? I remember updating my Fire TV with TWRP and a while back so what is the difference now?

  8. DeanR1977 says:

    Rbox will there be a chance of a prerooted image for a lower fireware please? i know you have one for v5.2.1.0 but i want to continue using the mousetoggle app & also the old firestarter app too, i believe i wont be able to use these after using the prerooted image for Or will there be a mod i can use to enable adb & block the fire tv from calling the adb just for the Amazon apps/favorites quicktoggle when you press or hold the home button? I know it probably sounds like alot but im sure im not the only one asking or thinking about this question?
    Thanks in advance

    • Y314K says:

      The Mouse Toggle for FireTV app is working fine on all of the latest FW since version 1.06.

      FireStarter will not work fine. But you can still install AppStarter for an alternative Apps menu & easy Kodi & SPMC updater. I wish someone would update AppStarter or FireStarter to include the mods that Mouse Toggle did to keep working on the latest FW perfectly since it still uses ADB. Maybe by changing what buttons do what.

  9. AFTV LOVER says:

    I hope he can get the Fire Tv Stick Generatation 2. I gave away my 1st gen. So pray that rbox releases for 2nd gen

  10. MrPaddy says:

    perfect.. the wait is over – it was worth to wait with upgrades :)) Thx

  11. Mr. Dan the Elias clapping Fan! says:

    Great work rbox, looking forward to the guide Elias also!

  12. ND Ilyaz says:

    where can i get the mouse emulator?
    this will not work for me…

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