TWRP and Fire OS 5 Pre-Rooted ROM released for 1st-gen Fire TV


The day many of you have been patiently waiting for has arrived. Rbox has finally released TWRP custom recovery, as well as a pre-rooted ROM of software version 5.0.5 and, for the 1st generation Amazon Fire TV. This will allow those of you still on the or older pre-rooted ROM with ClockworkMod installed to upgrade to Fire OS 5 without losing root. This will also allow those of you that rooted a 5.0.0 or newer Fire TV 1 with KingRoot to install TWRP custom recovery and update your device without losing root.

TWRP custom recovery must be installed before installing the new pre-rooted ROMs, so if you have ClockworkMod custom recovery installed, do not try to use ClockworkMod to install the new pre-rooted ROMs. There are separate procedures for installing TWRP on 1st-gen Fire TVs that have an unlocked bootloader and ones that have a locked bootloader. If you have ClockworkMod and a pre-rooted ROM ( or older) already installed, then you have an unlocked bootloader. If you rooted with KingRoot on software version 5.0.0 or newer, then your bootloader is locked.

Instructions for installing TWRP are fairly straightforward, but if you need more guidance, I’ll have a guide with step-by-step instructions up soon. It might be a good idea to wait a few days before installing TWRP anyway, so that any potential unforeseen issues are worked out first. Rbox is currently trying to get to the bottom of an issue that is causing some devices to display a blank screen after briefly displaying the TWRP logo. If you can wait a bit longer for this issue to be worked out, you’ll be better off, but many have already installed TWRP without any issues.

Once TWRP is installed, it’s a simple matter of flashing one of the two new pre-rooted ROMs, which you can do by following this guide. If you have the means, be sure to donate to rbox to thank him for coming through for the community and for continuing to support the 1st-gen Fire TV.

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  1. countersteer says:

    Elias and Rbox, I cannot thank you guys enough! This makes the 1st-Gen community very excited!

  2. Dylan says:

    I’ve rooted my first gen aftv with Kingroot and then I thought I had unrooted it but it’s still rooted. Is this a big issue?

  3. Sandeep says:

    Will it work for 5.0.3 FTV KingRooted

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes. Sorry, I forgot some people rooted while on the developer preview. I’ve updated the post to say “5.0.0 or newer” instead of just “5.0.5.”

      • Sandeep says:

        Thanks. rbox confirmed the same on xda too. Guess I will wait for someone to try it out first lest it bricks :)

  4. IrishBiker says:

    My FTV 1 is on a stock 5.0.5 rom. what’s my best option moving forward?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’l have a guide covering exactly what to do soon, but basically you should: root with KingRoot, install TWRP (locked bootloader version), install pre-rooted ROM 5.0.5 or (your choice), then optionaly (but highly reccommended) do a factory reset within TWRP to get rid of all the KingRoot junk.

  5. lama0900 says:

    working with FTV Stick?

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, this is only for the 1st-gen Fire TV. Rbox says he still plans to release TWRP and ROMs for the Fire TV Stick in the future, but he wanted to get the Fire TV stuff out first.

  6. Gary says:

    Any thing on the fire stick

  7. Katie B. says:

    Thank you, Rbox, for all your hard work! Also thank you to Elias for all the information and guides! You guys are awesome. :)

  8. Boogir says:

    Is the new update rootable? I want to use my sticks with ethernet!

  9. Dan says:

    I am unsure what version my AFTV1 is on but I do know it isn’t rooted and it might well still be on the Dev Preview. Is there a recommended way to “safely” get KingRoot on there?

    • Sandeep says:

      I was able to KingRoot my dev preview box without issue. if by safely you mean “dont call home from my box”, i cant be too sure about that.

    • AFTVnews says:

      You should block sotware updates following this guide:

      Then check the software version in settings. If it’s on 5.0.3 or 5.0.5, then it’s rootable with KingRoot.

      You could also boot it up without an internet connection to check the software version, if you’re worried about it updating.

  10. Dan says:

    I am trying to boot without allowing it Internet access but I can’t get past the choose a network connection screen, I guess I have to allow it to connect?

  11. Lo says:

    Yes finally thank you RBOX!!!!!! I have flashed the custom recovery and flashed the new prerooted rom. Finally no more kingroot crap and I can watch my videos without sudden pauses. will definitely be donating at the end of the month!

  12. Zak says:

    What are the main reasons to root? Side loading?

    When I routed version comes out for fire stick gen 1, will it make it any faster? It is unbearably slow now!

  13. DoctorGonzo says:

    According to XDA, TWRP recovery does not appear to work consistently for users on FireOS 3 with ClockWorkMod Recovery (i.e. pre-rooted users on unlocked bootloaders). TWRP recovery boot screen blinked continuously, and did not allow me to do anything. Fortunately, it did not affect my existing install. I was able to reinstall CWM through adb, and am back in business. Kingroot users on the other hand seem to have no problem.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Seems like it might be related to the TV/Display that the Fire TV is connected to. I had no issues installing TWRP on a Fire TV 1 with an unlocked bootloader that was running pre-rooted and CWM

      • Corey says:

        I had a similar issue but i was on switching back to CWM then updating to fixed the issue.

      • Loren says:

        Installed TWRP on my Fire TV 1 with an unlocked bootloader (actually I checked and my device was one of the ones that the unlock didn’t work on so I had to go ahead and unlock it again after which I confirmed it was indeed unlocked). I was running pre-rooted and CWM I ran into the same problem as DoctorGonzo with the TWRP recovery boot screen blinking repeatedly every second or so.

  14. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Is there any info about installing XPosed with this rom? Any info about what modules should be installed?

    • Skater4599 says:

      I was able to install xposed on this pre rooted rom. It’s exactly the same guide for the fire tv 2 Elias has made here except instead of arm64 you just need the arm build. I installed v84 today, so far no issues and Kodi is my launcher

  15. Nate says:


    Tis be a glory day gents! Cheers Rbox!

  16. DfGremlin says:

    Is there a way to see what CWM version I am running? I have a rooted ftv1. Thank you!

    • Jim says:


      Yes, restart your device and go into recovery. You’ll see the version in the bottom left corner I believe.

      • DfGremlin says:

        Thank you.

        I was able to upload the new twrp img file, but when I went into recovery, it locked up. Leaving Amazon white logo on screen. I powered off and it booted back to FireOS3, thankfully.

        I presume I should follow the xda instructions to install latest CWM then boot to recovery?

  17. Ihsan says:

    Is there a video guide for this method of root?

  18. Andy R says:

    I accidentally soft bricked while installing the unlocked image on a partially unlocked bootloader. If I connect an A-A cable, the device shows as a hard drive, but won’t boot. I tried directly copying the 8 images to the drive in Linux, but it didn’t recover. Is there a way to recover from this?

  19. Sandeep says:

    I got TWRP installed on my 5.0.3 but I don’t think my bootloader is unlocked. Is that fine and should I go ahead with Custom ROM or not?

    cat /proc/cmdline
    androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=22 msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 maxcpus=2 androidboot.selinux=enforcing androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=xxxx androidboot.baseband=apq

  20. IanMoz says:

    Hi, I’m having some trouble hardware rooting my original fire tv. I’ve done this previously without any problems but this time it just doesn’t want to work, the su binary is in the xbin folder but the fire tv still isn’t rooted. This makes me think that there’s either a problem with the su file I’m using or with the commands I’m using in linux as I’ve always been a windows user primarily. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’d love to try having twrp installed.

  21. Joe says:

    Thank you RBOX !!!! and Thank you Elias for bringing the great news and the upcoming guide !!!!

  22. John Doe says:

    Hi looks good, in XDA seem to be some trouble shooting going on so I will hold off for now till this is resolved.

    Just to be sure, I did not spot any wipe commands (exept wipe cache in case of trouble) so the upgraded from prerooted FOS 3 to this will keep all the settings? I only care for the progress of a few games(asphalt 8..) Would a titanium back up suffice?

    Thanks to you and Rbox
    Great work

  23. SFDave says:

    Be careful before installing TWRP if you’re on OS3. In the main article above it says, “If you have ClockworkMod and a pre-rooted ROM ( or older) already installed, then you have an unlocked bootloader.” This implies you’re ready to install TWRP, but that may not be correct. In reality, you may actually have a “partially unlocked” bootloader (as I do), but according to rbox’s instructions, you need a “fully unlocked” bootloader.

  24. Jake mods says:

    When is the guide for this coming out

  25. Shawn says:

    What is the advantage of updating to Fire OS 5? I have a first gen FTV that works great and am kind of hesitant to tinker with it.

    • Gary says:

      I too would like to know what, if any advantages to change to OS 5 on a 1st gen Fire TV?

      My 1st gens seem to be running well and was wondering if there is any speed increase by upgrading?

      • Wayne says:

        I’ve got two 1st gen boxes, both rooted with rbox’s boot menu. I updated one to OS 5 via TWRP, left the other one on OS 3 with CWM. I mainly use them for Kodi (90%), Netflix (4%), and Amazon Prime Video(5%). No interest in Alexa, voice commands, screen savers, etc.–I’m a Luddite!

        I’ve noticed no improvements for my purposes, nor speed increase (in fact, rebooting seems to take much longer than with OS 3, but I haven’t actually timed it, not that I reboot very often other than when updating).

        In all honesty, I’m thinking of trying to roll back to OS 3 as I don’t utilize any of the features that OS 5 offers, but really miss full Firestarter capabilities. I wouldn’t update mine if I had it to do over again. Does anyone know if I can use TWRP to just install rbox’s over or will I brick my box?

        • AFTVnews says:

          No, you can’t install Fire OS 3 ROMs with TWRP. To roll back you’ll have to install Clockworkmod, then the boot menu, then a Fire OS 3 ROM.

          If you want full FireStarter support, I suggest installing the 5.0.5 ROM.

          • Wayne says:

            Thanks Elias, great suggestion. I had forgotten that there was another pre-rooted ROM. Definitely better than going through all the trouble to go back to OS3. And while I’ve got you, thanks again for such a great website!

        • Shawn says:

          thanks for the info. I’ll stick with what I have. One of my FTV1 boxes works perfectly but it does get stuck in SPMC when I access a network share with lots of stuff in it. I wonder if a FTV2 would have the same issue. My other FTV1 is kind of wonky, turns itself (and the tv) on occasionally but otherwise works fine. Right now its stuck awake when it should be sleeping.

  26. Robert says:

    is it possible to downgrade from 5.0.5 to to perform a Full Bootloader Unlock?

  27. Jimmy says:

    OK I’m looking for proper guide to installing the latest or best tarp recovery version……. and I’d like to install the latest romantic of our version as well… I have cwm, bootmenu, and up to last of version. …. looking for proper guide or video link…….

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