Two new television power control options added to the Amazon Fire TV Cube

The new software update is turning out to be a fairly significant one for the Amazon Fire TV Cube. It has added voice-navigation within apps like Netflix, support for the Fire TV Recast, and support for Frame Rate Matching. In addition to those changes, there are a pair of new equipment control options that change the way the Fire TV Cube behaves when turning your TV on or off.

The Fire TV Cube has an extremely handy feature that essentially adds TV power functionality to the old Alexa remote, which doesn’t have a power button. Once you’ve set up the Fire TV Cube to control your home theater equipment, you can simply press the Home button on the remote to turn everything on.

Those of you with TVs that support HDMI-CEC are probably thinking that all Fire TVs already do this, but the Fire TV Cube takes it a step further. While all Fire TVs are able to turn the TV on through HDMI-CEC (at least until Amazon recently broke it for some models), the Fire TV Cube will also simultaneously turn on your AV receiver or soundbar when you press the home button. Added with this latest update is a new option to turn this capability off if it is causing issues or if you don’t want it. The new option can be found under the Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Advanced menu.

The second new TV control option added is a bit of an odd one, but I assume it must solve an issue that some people have with their particular TVs and the Fire TV Cube. Amazon has added a “Power Command Repetition” option that lets you specify if you want IR commands to be sent once or twice to your TV. You can individually change either the On command, Off command, or both to be sent twice instead of just once. The Fire TV Cube already allowed customers to universally set it so the Fire TV Cube repeated all IR commands once, twice, or three times when controlling equipment, but now the power command repetition can be adjusted separately. The new option is found under the Settings > Equipment Control > TV > Power Controls menu.

  1. Dave says:

    Now that Amazon has “fixed the glitch” and added the option to turn this capability off in the latest update, I just might consider buying one of these things.

  2. Jp says:

    The big problem I find with powering TV down is the use in macros. I can’t reliably tell it to power off my TV. Because like on must TV’s turn off and turn on are controlled by the same button. So if I macro Alexa goodbye script for turning off my lights and I macro powering down the TV into it then it may actually power on the TV if it was already off.

  3. Flokic says:

    I could swear that I’ve read somewhere that the Cube was gonna get “multi-room music and Bluetooth connections to mobile phones” capabilities till the end of the year but I can’t seem to find anything on this now, can anyone confirm if this is the plan?

    • Greg Seale says:

      Wanting this feature more than anything. I have not seen any firm dates on its availability yet but could have missed it.

  4. ken says:

    projector owners rejoice!

  5. Russ says:

    On the Fire TV Cube- After the update I no longer get the choice of selecting Dolby Atmos with Jack Ryan.
    Only DD+ or stereo. All worked good before the update. I restored to factory defaults, but that did not help either.

  6. Happy person says:

    Thank you!!!!! This is such useful information

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