Twitter is killing their Android TV and Roku apps but keeping Fire TV and Apple TV apps alive

Twitter has announced that on May 24th, they’ll be killing their Android TV, Roku, and Xbox video apps. The Fire TV app and Apple TV app will remain and continue to function. When Twitter first launched these video apps it was to give users a way to watch Thursday Night Football, which they acquired the streaming rights to in 2016. Since then, Twitter has provided access to various live events through their apps. It’s unlikely Twitter has many people using their set-top box apps, but if you’re one of them with a Fire TV, the app is remaining for now. Thanks for the heads up TechyChris!

  1. Len Mullen says:

    Seems like Twitter has entered the Who Cares zone. Always a GREAT idea to limit the number of people who look at your ads.

  2. JFC says:

    Will the junked app somehow just disappear off the Android TV and Roku devices of current users?

    Or, will users of those devices need to manually uninstall the dead app?

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