Twitch app for Amazon Fire TV receives major redesign with live previews, dark UI, and text/voice chat

The Twitch app for Amazon Fire TV devices has just been updated with a major redesign. Most of Twitch’s signature purple and white color scheme is gone and in its place is a much darker and subdued color palette. The interface has been simplified by removing the navigation menu on the left, making it quicker to jump around the different areas of the app. Functionally, the biggest change is the addition of a video feed of whatever your cursor is on as the app background, making it possible to preview a channel or video before clicking into the full screen view.

The big purple navigation menu that took up the left side of the screen in the old version of the Twitch app is gone. There are now a few buttons across the top that can be used to get to the home screen, the game browse screen, search, and your profile. The top third of the app’s navigation is now dominated by a live preview video of whatever your cursor is highlighting.

Browsing the list of games and stream categories is one of the few places where you won’t see a video preview of what you have highlighted. That makes it possible to fill the screen with a grid of 24 icons, which makes finding what you’re looking for quick and easy.

When selecting a game or stream type, you’ll see a list of live channels, popular videos, and popular clips related to that selection. highlighting any item immediately loads it in the top portion of the screen. Live channels will begin streaming live in the preview area, while videos and clips will begin playing from their start. No audio is played until you actually select a channel or video.

The blindingly bright white chat interface from the old version of the app is thankfully gone and replaced with a much darker chat. That older app made it possible to send emotes into chat from a Fire TV, but now it’s also possible to participate in the chat by entering full text using either the onscreen keyboard, voice dictation, or an external physical keyboard. Of course, you can still hide the chat entirely and watch the video stream in full screen.

  1. OG Charlie says:

    It’s live? Mine’s still stuck on the old version but maybe it’s because on the Fire TV 2.

    Really happy to see the dark mode and the ability to chat. The old app had a weird limitation where you couldn’t post emoticons if the chat was set to English only.

  2. Frank Nitty says:

    Welcome to the dark side twitch

  3. WMW says:

    It closed my stream, asked if i wanted to restart without update and the applied it anyway!!! The new version is terrible! Built to look flashy but with awful performance.

  4. Elissa says:

    Love the idea, but now it’s almost impossible to watch anything without it stuttering. Never had an issue before the update.

  5. Help! says:

    Does anyone have the APK from the old version? The new app doesn’t work right on a Fire TV 1 box and I cannot find the FireTV-specific APK anywhere. Someone please upload it!

  6. Tob says:

    Horrible update. On myfiretv stick app neads 5times as long to start, nearly 1 minuite. And the menu is slow as hell, takes seconds to navigate. Really annoying. And i cannot watch streams in 1080p resolution. It stutters hard or is not loading at all. Is this update a joke? Whole performance is way worse. Will this be fixed? The app is not useable this way!!!

  7. OG Charlie says:

    Looks like its finally rolling out to the Fire TV 2. Mine updated today and it doesn’t seem to have any playback issues. Playing 1080p60 (source) with no problems.

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