TweeV is the first Twitter client for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


TweeV is a new app that brings Twitter to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick for the first time. It’s not so much a full fledged Twitter client, but more of a Twitter screensaver app. Once you log in to your Twitter account through TweeV, your Twitter home timeline is displayed, one tweet at a time, in full-screen. The screen changes in real time as new tweets are posted by those you follow. If an image is included in the tweet, the image is used as the background image. Additional information like how long ago the tweet was posted, if it’s a retweet, the user’s avatar, and the tweet being replied to are also displayed.

While the app is well made, it offers literally no options or controls. Tweets are simply displayed, as they’re posted, with no way to control what is seen or view older tweets. There isn’t even a way to log out. For that, you’ll have to clear the app’s data or disassociate the app from your Twitter account.

This is a great alternative to the default image slideshow that kicks in when the Fire TV is left idle. Unfortunately, the Fire TV doesn’t give the option to set an app as a replacement to the default screensaver, but you could always just launch TweeV manually once you’re done using the device. While TweeV is running, it prevents the default screensaver from launching and prevents the Fire TV from going to sleep. You might want to consider creating a separate Twitter account for your Fire TV where you follow accounts that are more appropriate for passive viewing, like news accounts or photography accounts.

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