TVPlayer Plus streams 25 premium channels to UK Fire TVs for £5 per month

UK Fire TV owners jealous of the US only Sling TV service have reason to cheer. TVPlayer, a Fire TV app which streams 59 free-to-air channels in the UK for free, has just launched a paid TVPlayer Plus package for £4.99 per month. For that price you get live streaming access to 25 additional premium channels without any contracts. The premium channels include Lifetime, History, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, TLC, Animal Planet, Gold, Alibi, Watch, British Eurosport, Sony Movie Channel, Cartoon Network, BabyTV, and more. The company also promises to bring additional genre-based channel packs to the service later this year.

  1. boudy says:

    Premium channels my fat ar*e. There all the ones, you get stuffed in to make up the basic package from Sky apart from Eurosport, which is Cr*p 99% of time and I’m sure some of those are on Freeview, DVB.

    • Ash says:

      The documentary channels are not in Sky’s base pack, they are in the Variety pack (Medium).
      None of these channels are free on Freeview or any other TV provider for that matter.

  2. Bobby says:

    I wonder if you could buy and watch this in the USA through a proxy? Seems like a good deal.

  3. Tracy says:

    Those are the channels that I want! If I can get that here in America (with on demand capability), I am cutting the cable.

    • Dave69 says:

      I dropped cable. Bought a TIVO OTA and use the FTV for Kodi as the TIVO has Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube apps built in. Hoping that someday a service like Sling TV lets you pick your favorites to stream at a reasonable price.

      If you can pick up OTA channels in your area and your willing to pay %150 for a TIVO OTA your monthly service fee is dropped to $6.95 per month.

  4. boudy says:

    Cutting the cable has its problems. 10 dollars for this 10 dollars for that and if want this and that its 20 dollars more, not forgetting they’ll move your favourites to a new channel and charge 10 dollars for that. Funny I only paid 10 dollars for the lot before :)

  5. CK says:

    you can access this using unotelly dns, i use tvplayer basic free service, what i did was to change my store to the uk and got the app then change back to us store. the app works once you have the unotelly or any other dns sevice. 59 free channels with epg guide

  6. DJ1 says:

    How do u setup unotelly on Fire TV and integrate it with TVPlayer

  7. ZIII says:

    I was unable to get a copy. I tried a proxy but it went by adress. I’m in THE USA and would like to pay for those channels.

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