Turn your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick into a Chromecast with CastReceiver

If you’re looking for a way to cast from your phone or PC to the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, now that Amazon seems to have abandoned Miracast support, try sideloading the CastReceiver app. XDA forum user josuelopezv has discovered that it works well to add limited Chromecast capabilities to Fire TV devices.

Google is notorious for keeping their Google Cast protocol locked down to their own devices. That’s why you don’t find any Google cast apps available in the Fire TV appstore, while there are numerous Apple Airplay apps. There have been Chromecast apps released for the Fire TV in the past, but they didn’t last long before Google took them down.

CastReceiver works by implementing a local version of the Google Cast protocol. That allows it to work even though it is not sanctioned by Google. Unfortunately, that means it cannot be used to receive streaming media from most Chromecast enabled apps. What it’s best used for is casting screens from Android devices using the Google Home app and for casting tabs from the Chrome Browser on a computer.

You can download CastReceiver from here and also from other APK hosting sites.

  1. Y314K says:

    I’ve always found tons of possible casting apps. What I’ve never found to replace the FireOS 3 Miracast on the FireTV is a smooth phone screen streaming option. I would like to stream my phones screen running an app that won’t load or play on the Fire TV. No options.

  2. AFTVUser says:

    Great find! Even though Miracast actually works quite well on my LG phone and my Gen1 Fire TV boxes, I could never get it to work with my desktop. This little app works superbly.

  3. TechyChris says:

    Seems like all the other castings apps, long on promises, short on delivery. Tried for an hour, could not get this to work at all, followed all instructions on xda.

  4. Matthew Schoeneman says:

    Use AirReceiver in the Amazon App Store on any FireOS device. Allows for all protocols, Google Cast, AirPlay, UPnP. No sideloading necessary.

  5. AFTV Fan says:

    Does this casting of your iPhone to the Fire TV stick create a mirror of your phone’s screen on the TV pixel for pixel? Does it show up as a small rectangular box in portrait orientation with big black bars around? What happens when you rotate your phone into landscape mode? Does the casting change perspective and does the phone’s home screen where all the app icons are show up or only specific supported apps?

  6. I was in the hunt for a casting tabs from PC on Fire TV. The only app I could find few months back was AirReceiver https://www.amazon.com/%E9%BE%99%E6%96%B9%E5%84%BF-AirReceiver/dp/B00L5HQRGS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512452547&sr=8-1&keywords=airreceiver+for+fire+tv

    Good to see one more app supporting cast feature.

  7. Daniel says:

    But isn’t this the trial version that only support 5 minutes of video at a time? Google Play Store says full version is a $5.49 in-app purchase.

  8. alex says:

    Screencast works great on 2nd gen. (Didn’t try > 5 minutes.) Thanks!

    For Downloader: goo.gl/FpcZqr

  9. Wrecks says:

    I tried to get to the link using the Downloader app by going to aftvnews.com and following links until I got to it, but I can’t get aftvnews.com to load in the Downloader program.

    Then I figured out that the Downloader app needs javascript enabled to work on the aftvnews.com website. Perhaps aftvnews could examine the headers of http requests and when it sees the Downloader agent, send a message telling how to enable JavaScript.

  10. napter says:

    Hi it does not work with 5GHz wifi . Anyone have same problem

  11. atone says:

    This is really cool. Casting tabs from the Chrome Browser on a computer/laptop seems useful for many few sites: ustvnow, cable tv apps,& probably many other streaming tv sites eg.comet tv,etc.good internet speed is probably needed.

  12. Todd Naz says:

    Just buy a Chromecast and run both. I have Firestick and Chromecast. I like the Firestick how it operates as a sole device but it is not as versatile as Chromecast where you can cast almost anything. Chromecast is more like a dummy streaming device that will stream almost anything from your computer or phone. Firestick is more of standalone device that stores authentication and apps like an Android box light. The best way to go is Android box because of memory upgrade and faster processor. Also you don’t need a common wifi source for boxes like you do with the sticks. You just need 1 wifi/hotspot source and you’re up and running. The Firestick is kind of a hybrid between the 2. All cheap sources of streaming.

  13. logic says:

    Stop being lazy and just save up for a Chromecast/Ulra. If you’re that impatient, connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI and live life…sheesh. If you don’t have HDMI capabilities on your laptop/tv or don’t have a laptop – well…you’re sol. Save your money and step your game up.

  14. sferrell615 says:

    this is far from lazy lol… i’ve spent (wasted) so much time on researching and testing this crap… and it’s all because the xfinity stream app (from comcast) can’t be installed on a fire tv (and when force installed it doesn’t work) and windows 10 miracast (not using miracast adapter) is a POS. windows 10 can view xfinity tv & dvr in a web browser and it can miracast to a fire tv but i can’t get it to work well enough.

    windows 10 built-in miracast’ing (via system tray | connect) a local video file to a dlna tv worked great.
    windows 10 built-in miracast’ing a local video file (e.g. mp4) to fire tv worked great.
    windows 10 built-in miracast’ing a (downloading) video in web browser… the video lags and is sub-par quality. also, the windows 10’s download speed often slows to a crawl???.

    i installed castreceiver app on the fire tv… same. i ran into the issue where castreceiver drops out after 5 minutes because it is trial version and when i attempted to purchase it (because on a fire tv) it did nothing. i installed airscreen app (which seems to be the best option for fire tv because it supports miracast, chromecast, airplay, etc. and does not drop out after a period of time)… same (video lag and sub-par quality) using miracast and chromecast via chrome browser. airscreen does provide a pop-up message stating that video will lag due to a slow network. i tried to use net-stumbler but it said access denied (killer ethernet controller not supported).
    wifi download speed is 50mbps and upload speed is 5mbps when not using miracast.

    android (samsung s9) built-in smart-view’ing works for both a local video file (e.g. mp4) to fire tv and a (downloading) video in web browser… and the quality is decent.
    i installed miracast wifi display app on android… miracast’ing works for both a local video file (e.g. mp4) to fire tv and a (downloading) video in web browser… and the quality is decent.

    latencymon tells me windows 10 pc is a POS but i don’t believe it (‘fast’ msi gaming pc with i5 cpu, ssd, nvidia gpu, etc.).

    i don’t want to purchase and travel with 2 devices, fire tv and chromecast. i have the older model chromecast… it pauses (not buffers, brief pauses) each couple of seconds.

    in summary, when it comes to miracast’ing… i’ll use it for local video files but not videos that i’m downloading to a web browser.
    i plan on sticking with an hdmi cable between windows 10 and tv… which is a nuisance but at least it works.

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