Tubi now integrates into the Fire TV’s Live Tab and Channel Guide with 8 Free channels

Tubi is the latest app to integrate into the Fire TV’s live experience, which includes integration into the Live tab and the Fire TV’s channel guide. The streaming service has added 8 free live channels that can be streamed without needing an account.

The 8 channels that Tubi has integrated are Black News Channel, Bloomberg TV, Cheddar, Fubo Sports Network, NBC News NOW, News 12 New York, PeopleTV, and WeatherNation. To get these channels you just need to install the Tubi app and launch it. If the channels do not immediately appear in the Fire TV’s interface, you can go to Settings > Live TV > Sync Sources > Tubi to have them detected. Logging into the Tubi app does not increase the number of available channels.

Just as with all other apps that have integrated channels into the Fire TV’s Live experience, the 8 free Tubi channels appear in a dedicated Tubi row in the Fire TV’s Live tab. You’ll also see the channels in the Live tab’s genre rows, such as the Breaking News row. When channels are selected from the Live tab, the individual channel will appear as a separate entry in the Fire TV’s Recent row on the home screen.

As you’d expect, Tubi’s channels will also appear in the Fire TV’s traditional grid program guide, where you can see what will be airing over the next few days. A quick tip is using the fast-forward and rewind buttons on the Fire TV remote to move forward and back by a full day in the channel guide interface. Like all live channels that appear in the channel guide, you can hide channels that you’re not interested in by following this guide. You can also favorite a channel so that it appears at the front of the Tubi row in the Live tab and at the top of the channel guide.

Tubi is now the 6th free streaming service to integrate into the Fire TV interface with live channels, following Amazon’s own IMDb TV, which integrated last month. See the full list of integrated services here.

  1. Ben says:

    I checked the updated guide of services that are integrated with the Live TV Guide and Hulu was included there but on all my Fire TV devices, Hulu channels aren’t listed. Is there a trick to getting those added?

    • Hulu is a weird one. I’m including it on the list because Amazon tells me they’re still going to be integrated for everyone at some point. Some people say the channels show up for them, while other people say they used to show up and then they disappeared. It seems like maybe they started the integration rollout but then found an issue and are working on it. Sorry that I don’t have any more info.

      • Ben says:

        Thank you Elias! I did have the Hulu live channels for all of 2 days I think, then poof, nothing. It makes sense it may be a slow rollout too. I would think with increased competition with other streaming services Hulu would want as much exposure as possible on all fronts to help with maintaining & growing their subscriber base. Thank you again for the insight!

    • jeff says:

      Hulu live tv was available for me for a couple of months on my AFT devices (cube 2.0/4k sticks) but whenever I tried to sync the channels I would get a “EPG is not available for this user” error and it never worked. One day awhile back it was removed from the AFT live tv sources list. I believe Elias and you are correct that they may have started to roll out the Hulu AFT integration but ran into some unforeseen bug and had to remove the feature till they could fix the issue.

  2. TechyChris says:

    This would be an awesome feature if cable subscription apps were included as well, ABC, NBC, AMC, etc. I believe Elias previously posted that networks must “opt-in” and update their app to allow it. I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. It would be nice to know if Amazon’s Marketing Dept. is actively reaching out to networks to join this service. This feature could be a real selling point for Fire Tv’s over Android Tv.
    As of now it’s just ho hum for me…

    • oasis_001 says:

      FYI. An AMC+ subscription via Prime Video Channels includes five (5) LIVE TV channels (AMC, AMC Plus, BBC America, IFC and Sundance TV). Not sure if not including the AMC cable subscription versions is a strategic move to incent more AMC+ subscriptions.

  3. Charlie says:

    Let me throw in a question: does anybody know if there is a private channel or some other way to install Smart Youtube TV on a Roku?

  4. hdmkv says:

    An option is to use Live Channels on Fire TV (https://www.techdoctoruk.com/sdm_downloads/live-channels-nov-2020/). In my case, I don’t get guide data for OTA channels pulled from my HDHomeRun, but Pluto, Xumo and more sources do work.

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