Triby, the family oriented gadget that puts Alexa on your fridge, is on sale for $169 [Expired]


Triby is the first 3rd-party hardware device to fully integrate Amazon’s Alexa, and it’s currently on sale for $169, down from its regular price of $199. That’s the new lowest price the Triby has ever been. It does everything the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot can do, including an always listening feature that lets you interact with it using only your voice, but also adds in family messaging capabilities. While it doesn’t have nearly as good of a speaker as the Echo or as good of a microphone to pick up your “Alexa…” commands, it is the only always listening Alexa device that is portable, thanks to its rechargeable battery. Dedicated buttons let you jump immediately into preset music stations or playlists, and the e-ink display lets you leave written notes for family members. A pair of phone buttons also let you or your kids easily get in touch with family members through the Triby app. Now that Amazon allows any manufacturer to integrate Alexa into their product, the Triby is probably just the first in a line of Alexa enabled products to come.

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