TP-Links new smart home lineup includes a light-switch with built-in voice assistant

Thanks to competitive pricing and a wide assortment of good products, TP-Link has quickly become one of the leading smart home device manufacturers. They’ve announced a series of new products at CES 2019, including smart doorbells, security cameras, and smart plugs, but the most interesting new device is a smart light switch with a built-in voice assistant that you talk to through its integrated speaker and microphones.

The concept of a smart light switch that doubles as a smart speaker isn’t new, but there aren’t many on the market. The most notable one is the Ecobee Switch+ which has Alexa built right into the switch itself. TP-Link has strangely not announced which voice assistant will be built into their new smart light switch, but it’s probably safe to say it will be either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

In addition to being a WiFi light switch that can be remotely controlled and talked to, the new TP-Link switch will also have a built-in night light. There is also a motion sensor onboard that can be used to automatically turn lights on or off when motion is detected or not. If you have a pair of these switches in your home, they will also function as intercoms, but it’s unclear if this is using something like Alexa’s default calling/drop-in capabilities or if it’s a direct connection between switches that TP-Link has built themselves.

Other smart home devices that TP-Link has announced include a new video doorbell with an impressive 2K resolution. There’s also a new outdoor wire-free security camera with two-way communication and a built-in siren that comes with 2 days of free cloud video storage. There’s also a similar new indoor security camera. TP-Links new $40 smart outlet replaces your entire outlet for a solution that is much sleeker than attaching an external smart plug brick to your existing outlet. Lastly is a new outdoor smart plug that is IP65 water-resistant for $45. All of these devices will be released in the first half of this year with the outlet and outdoor plug coming first in February.

  1. Cap’t says:

    I’m not a tinhat dude, but at what point do we worry about all of WiFi devices?

    WEP encryption Data capture
    Bandwidth and processor super computer

    Best practices to keep them on a separate network, WiFi router etc?

  2. Adam O'Donnell says:

    Ha! I’m not too worried about too many devices, but I do keep mine on a separate router. Mostly because I’ve found that my main router is faster and less likely to bump me off when I do.

    As for these devices, I’m really looking forward to the smart outlet. I’ll definitely be getting some of those. I have several TP plugs around the house, but they are too bulky to put everywhere and in some cases just don’t work with with some devices (especially those with bulky plugs themselves). I really like TP Link – feel like they are killing it in terms of functionality and price.

  3. Nick Hathaway says:

    I have the TP Link Kasa smart switches and I love them.

  4. taustinson says:

    Sounds like the ecobee Switch+, but may be TP-Link’s product will actually work?

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