TP-Link Alexa Compatible Smart Plug is back on sale for $19.99 — No hub required

The TP-Link Smart Plug is back on sale for $19.99 on Amazon. Apart from a brief Alexa-exclusive deal over a year ago, this is the lowest price that this plug has ever been. This is the same plug that Amazon was bundling for $5 when you buy any Echo device, so if you purchased an Echo device recently with this plug and wanted more of them, here’s your chance to get them at a great price. This switch can be directly controlled by Alexa without needing any hubs or other equipment. Just plug it in, set it up in the app, and you’ll be able to control it by saying “Alexa, turn on/off the [selected name]..”

  1. Charlie says:

    I find mine is often unresponsive to Alexa.

    • Tech3475 says:

      Sometimes it takes twomattempts for me, for £10 though from the black friday offer I dont mind.

      Main downside to ‘no hub’ is that my logitech harmony elite doesnt work with it.

    • HeffeD says:

      Really? I haven’t had any issues like this with mine. Is yours perhaps in an area with poor WiFi reception? (Near a cordless phone transmitter, fluorescent lighting fixtures, microwave ovens, too far from your router, etc…)

      There was a firmware update 2-3 months ago. Have you checked to see if you’re up to date?

      • Charlie says:

        Mine was a Black Friday purchase and admittedly I haven’t done any tweaking, but the lamp I want to control is here I need the plug. Typically that room has good Wi-Fi.

    • Mark says:

      Ditto. Only 1 of my 3 though.

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