Toshiba’s newest flagship Fire TV Smart TV just dropped to the new lowest price it has ever been

The newest and possibly the best Fire TV Smart TV, the Toshiba 55-inch M550 Series just went on sale for $549.99. At 30% off its regular list price of $799.99, this is the new lowest price that it has ever been, dropping a full $100 lower than it was during Black Friday. This TV checks more boxes than any other Fire TV Smart TV, starting with its full-array local dimming LED backlight, which produces darker blacks, and is a feature not found in any other Fire TV Smart TV model. This TV also has microphones, which can be disabled through a physical switch, for true hands-free voice control of the TV. It comes with an IR blaster as well so that you can control soundbars and set-top boxes using your voice as well. The TV also supports every flavor of HDR, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+. This Toshiba TV was just released a few weeks ago and is the latest and greatest that the Fire TV Smart TV line has to offer.

  1. Keith says:

    I was just looking for comments good or bad on this TV and could not find any. But I have a question I recently bought(4weeks ago)the new named insignia fire edition TV/smart TV F-50 series and I’m already having little problems probably a glitch so what I want to know is does anybody have the new f50 series and are they having any problems also if someone has the f50 series and the Toshiba fire TV that’s talked about in this article can you tell me what you think is the better of the two? Or if someone has owned and Insignia fire TV and went to Toshiba can you tell me a little bit about it and if it’s better than the insignia because I’m already thinking of returning it the storage on this f-50 series is pretty good for me anyway since I don’t use a whole lot of space it has a total of just under 12 gigs. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated thanks and be safe out there

    • Mark says:

      I just chose the Toshiba M550 over the Insignia F50 because of the local dimming array. What did you end up doing?

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