Toshiba releases new 2021 line of 4K Fire TV Edition televisions with Dolby Vision HDR in the US

Toshiba has just released the first set of new Fire TV Edition televisions for 2021 in the US, which they’re calling the C350 Series. Available immediately is a 43-inch 4K TV for $349.99 and a 50-inch 4K TV for $469.99, but coming in the near future will be 55, 65, and 75-inch screen sizes of the same TVs. Aesthetically, these new 2021 TVs are a significant upgrade from the 2020 and older Fire TV Edition televisions by Toshiba, thanks mostly to much thinner bezels along the top and sides. Functionally, these new TVs are mostly identical to last year’s models, apart from more internal storage and a couple of additional ports.

Just like past lineups of Fire TV Edition televisions, these new Toshiba C350 Series TVs share nearly all the same specs regardless of screen size. The only thing that seems to vary between sizes is the TV’s peak brightness of their LED-lit LCD panels, which is 250 nits for the 43-inch model and 300 nits for the 50-inch model. While all these TVs support Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, and HLG, don’t expect the same stunning image quality as you find in high-end QLED or OLED TVs which have much higher peak brightness figures. Like the 2020 models, these TVs don’t support HDR10+ and brightness is unknown for the unreleased larger sizes, but I expect it to be similar to the 50-inch model.

Powering the 4K 2160p display is Toshiba’s “Regza Engine,” for what that’s worth. Under the hood are the same MediaTek T31 ARM Cortex-A55 1.5GHz CPU and Mali-G52 GPU as last year’s Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions. There’s still 2GB of RAM but, thankfully, the internal storage has finally been bumped up from 8GB in last year’s TVs to 16GB in these new 2021 models. Connectivity still includes 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO WiFi, 10/100 Ethernet, and Bluetooth 4.2.

These TVs are running Fire OS 7, Amazon’s latest operating system based on Android 9 Pie. Software highlights include “live view picture-in-picture“, which will automatically display a live camera feed in the corner when a visitor presses your compatible smart video doorbell. You can then use the mic in the remote to have a 2-way conversation with the visitor. You can also use voice commands to change picture modes, sound modes, and equalizer values like treble and bass. As you can probably tell by what’s on the screen in the promotional images, the TVs will be shipping with the older Fire TV interface, but I’m told by Amazon that they will be updated to the new Fire TV interface this summer along with all other Fire TV Edition television models.

Around the back are four HDMI ports with support for HDCP 2.2. That’s one more than was found on last year’s Toshiba Fire TV Edition television. The TV includes HDMI-eARC support as well as digital optical audio out. There’s also a headphone audio-out jack and composite video inputs. You’ll also still find an RF antenna input for connecting an HD digital antenna for the built-in OTA tuner. Lastly are two USB 2.0 ports, one more than on past models, for connecting external media and USB peripherals like mice, keyboards, and gamepads.

These new TVs continue to use the latest Fire TV Edition remote that debuted late last year. It has the usual assortment of Fire TV buttons, including a microphone button for Alexa voice commands, as well as a channel guide button, recent button, and settings button. The remote has 4 app shortcut buttons but the apps they open are currently unknown. The image above is from the 2020 TVs. Prime Video and Netflix are pretty much guaranteed to be the first two buttons, but the other two are anyone’s guess. The latest version of this remote that I’ve seen has IMDb TV and Hulu as the bottom two buttons, after Amazon dropped the HBO button.

These two 43-inch and 50-inch 4K Toshiba Fire TV Edition television models are available to order now from Amazon (43in, 50in) or Best Buy (43in, 50in). Toshiba TVs in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes, which will be the new largest Fire TV Edition television ever sold, are said to be coming soon. Toshiba typically releases 720p and 1080p Fire TV Edition televisions following the release of new 4K models, but it’s unknown if they will do that again this year. Insignia also typically releases their new Fire TV Edition televisions shortly after Toshiba, but no word yet on those either.

  1. stann says:

    not 120 hz panels + no hde10+ + no VRR = NO SALE

  2. TechyChris says:

    While I don’t consider myself a 4K snob (could take it or leave it)
    having only a 60Hz refresh rate is barbaric in 2021.

  3. Nerd4l says:

    For what people are paying on these modes and to complain about only 60hz or VRR is hilarious…

  4. Charlie says:

    How soon will the older models go on sale?

    • In the past, the arrival of new models hasn’t caused the old models to be discounted. They mostly just slowly went out of stock over time. There are still some 2019 models being sold so it doesn’t seem like Amazon, Best Buy, Toshiba, or Insignia are in any hurry to clear out older models.

  5. Charlie says:

    Let’s hope that while the picture is good that the smart part is smarter than my 2018 Toshiba Fire Edition TV!

  6. shane says:

    will this tv work with my xbox one x in 4k at 60hz?

  7. Android tv gamer says:

    Thanx 4 telling us the cpu gpu ram and storage.

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