Toshiba 55in 4K Fire TV Edition TV is $299.99 & 32in 720p is $119.99 — Both Prime Exclusives

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Among the numerous early bird Prime Day deals coming out today for Prime members are a couple of Toshiba Fire TV Edition television deals. First is the 2020 Toshiba 55in 4K Fire TV Edition TV on sale for $299.99, which is a new all time low price, beating out the last sale by $50. This normally $449.99 TV is, in my opinion, the best Fire TV Edition TV available because it’s among the few that supports Dolby Vision and offers DTS Virtual X audio processing. This TV comes with the latest Alexa voice remote, 2160p UHD resolution, Dolby Vision & HDR10 support, a built-in OTA tuner, 3 HDMI ports, 1 composite port, 1 USB port for external media, a headphone port, Ethernet, and 802.11ac WiFi. Also on sale is the 2020 Toshiba 32in 720p Fire TV Edition TV for $119.99. This is down from a regular price of $179.99 and is also the new lowest price it has ever been, but it beats the previous best price by just $10. This TV comes with the same new remote, 3 HDMI ports, and other features as the 55in, but is only 720p and doesn’t support Dolby Vision or HDR.

  1. Bob says:

    Hello, so you would get the 2020 Toshiba 55in 4K Fire TV Edition TV for your bedroom without hesitation?

  2. TechyChris says:

    Hello Elias, so it looks like I’m eligible for the 50% off Firestick 4k deal promoted on your website. Are their any rumors on Prime Day deals for these? I’m trying to figure out the “best bang for my buck”, since the deal is one time use valid until December, AND I’m looking to replace TWO aging FireTV Gen 1’s
    Should I buy one now with the deal or just wait until Prime Day?
    Would you consider the Firestick 4k a SIGNIFCANT upgrade over continuing to use FireTV Gen 1’s that still work OK? (I know that may be subjective) Thanks!

    • There have been no rumors for what prices the Fire TV devices will be during Prime Day. That said, there is no way in hell the Fire TV Stick 4K will be less than $24.99 during Prime Day, so you might as well get the $24.99 upgrade deal now on the off chance it ends before Prime Day. When the Fire TV Stick 4K goes on sale for Prime Day, you’re not going to be able to use the upgrade promo to drop it below $24.99, since that promo does not stack with existing deals (I’ve tried).

      I do consider the Fire TV Stick 4K a significant upgrade to the 1st-gen Fire TV. The only reason not to upgrade, apart from cost, is if you can’t live without the optical audio port.

      • TechyChris says:

        Thanks for confirming!
        I will order one now at $24.99 and wait until Prime Day for the second just in case. I already received a small business $10 credit to use on Prime day so I can at least get that taken off the second one. So I figure my max would be $65 for the pair. Seems ok to me!

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Sold! My 4 year old Samsung 40″ 4K UHD HDR TV has developed a bit of a dark spot in one small part of the screen, almost as if it was hit or something… ::looks over at his 5 year old son:: so this is a great upgrade at an even cheaper price than my old TV was (or about the same price after taxes) and the family will appreciate the voice remote I’m sure.

    • Haha, I was debugging a weird spot on my TV too until I realized during a reboot that it’s a new scuff in the screen’s plastic cover ::looks over at his 3 year old son, then at his 5 year old son, then back at his 3 year old son:: Ah, kids. Luckily it’s not that visible with the TV on.

      Also, I mentioned this in a comment above but I’ll mention it again, when you get the TV, check that the box has a model number ending in “21” to ensure you were shipped the 2020 model and not a 2018 or 2019 model by mistake. I haven’t heard of the wrong models be shipped out or anything, but I can see it happening since Best Buy (who ships these out) does still sell the old models.

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        I have a bad feeling some of us are about to be extremely upset and disappointed with Amazon and Best Buy… my TV is supposed to be coming on Monday as setup with Best Buy… but I just noticed that my purchase price is back in my bank account… i.e. seems to have been reversed… and this TV is not even listed anymore on Amazon… it links to a 43″ version instead now…

        • Ujn Hunter says:

          Eh… never mind… while they did change the link to the listing… and they did seem to reverse the charges… (I got an email saying something like “because the seller didn’t provide shipping details” my card was not charged…) possibly due to the weird shipping arrangement Best Buy has that is not handled by Amazon… anyhow… it came today. I’ll update if anything else weird happens.

  4. Marty says:

    Do the FireTVs come with the capability to add external memory, like the FireTV Cube 2?

  5. Bob says:

    Hello all, what do yuo think of this soundbar to match the new 2021 Toshiba 55in 4K TV that is listed in this article? I like this from Best Buy

    I see it has HDMI ARC. And that will work with this TV? I have never owned a Toshiba before. Just high end Samsungs.


  6. Rik Emmett says:

    What are the specs of the Fire TV hardware integrated into the 32″ TV?

  7. Bob says:

    Hello, wanted to say thank you for the hot tip for the 55″ Toshiba. We have it, it’s a good tv. Better than I thought it would be for a Toshiba. Well worth the Prime Day price!!!

    PS: I did have to call Toshiba for one dumb technical question. Interesting, when I called, they knew me and knew my tv and it was purchased via Amazon. Interesting…. I have never bought a Toshiba product before.

  8. Bob says:

    Well bad news on my 55″ Toshiba tv. Had it for 2.5 weeks and it worked great. Now the past 4 days, when you turn it on, it has lost it’s internet connection and the remote doesn’t work. I have to un plug the tv for 30 seconds and try this about 4-5 times for the tv to work again. I’m calling Toshiba this morning. I am so flipping mad. Last night I un plugged the tv 10 times and it just turns on, says can’t connect and then even tells me it can’t find the remote. So I swapped batteries 3 times and still same piece of crap. I am so mad! I’ll keep you posted after I talk to Toshiba.

  9. Bob says:

    Update on my 55″ Toshiba Fire TV. After hours spend on multiple phone calls to Amazon and Best Buy’s Geek Squad the tv is bricked and being returned. If you buy one of these from Amazon, look at the fine print… it’s actually sold and delivered from Best Buy. Best Buy’s exchange window is TEN DAYS!

    My TV worked great for the first 2 weeks then when yuo’d turn it on the remote wouldn’t work and the tv had lost it’s wifi connection what wifi it had connected too. After 90 min on the phone with Geek Squad, we reset it to Factory Defaults. Upon re start you can select your language then the tv is bricked.

    My first experience with a Toshiba TV. I will not be buying another again. I have had perfect success with Samsung tvs over the past 20 years. I thought the Toshbia would be cool cause it has the FireTV stuff built in.

    Buyer beware!!

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