Toshiba 50″ Fire TV Edition television on sale for $289.99 — First Sale Ever

Amazon has put the Toshiba 50-inch Fire TV Edition television on sale for $289.99 for Prime Day. This is the brand-new 2018 model that was released just a few weeks ago and it is the first time it has ever been on sale. At $110 off the regular price, this is a great deal if you want all the exact same capabilities as the Fire TV but built into the TV with access to your over-the-air antenna channels right along all of your regular Fire TV content. The two other sizes have each dropped by $30 as well, but this 50-inch size is clearly the stand-out deal. The 43-inch is $299.99 and the 55-inch is $449.99.

  1. chris says:

    Might seem like a crazy question. But, what will this do without internet in house?
    I have a TV antenna.
    Also have videos on a NAS for kids
    Won’t have any internet for a while and my unrooted fire tvs are pain to use.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The interface reverts to a simpler version that just gives you access to your inputs and your OTA channels, like a dumb TV. Once Prime Day is over, I’ll write a detailed post about it with images. Sorry I don’t have it up already.

  2. Charlie says:

    Elias, have you ever regretted buying a fireTV TV set? Is it still your daily driver?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I regretted buying the Fire TV Edition the second I clicked the buy button, but that was because I didn’t need a new TV and have been saving up for an OLED. I was buying it only so I could properly cover it for the site, so it was a big expense and made me nervous. Those regrets all went away as soon as it arrived. It’s no OLED, but it has been way better than I thought it would be and has been my main daily driver ever since. I now how a Cube attached to it so I can properly get a feel for the Cube, but I might be switching back to just the built-in Fire TV interface because I miss having such easy access to the OTA tuner channels and volume/power controls on the remote. (I’ve purposly put away my Sideclick and Harmony so I’m forced to use the hands-free universal remote features to get a good feel for them.)

      Amazon’s software is rock solid. The big question is if Toshiba’s hardware is as solid. That I do not have an answer to because, sorry, I’m not buying yet another TV I don’t need. ;-)

      • Charlie says:

        OMG, my heart sank when you said regretted, because ….. I didn’t wait for your comment and just five minutes ago ordered one! Deal too good to pass and I have a FTV2 I just bought two weeks ago that will be going back for an 85.00 refund, now that I won’t need it. This is my first 4K TV and I’m glad your comment went from scary to good news! :)

        • AFTVnews says:

          Haha, sorry for the scare. Assuming Toshiba didn’t botch the hardware, which I doubt they did, I think you’ll really like the TV. If not, you can return it and get a Cube instead, so no worries. I actually returned my first Fire TV Edition television because it went on sale for Prime Day a few weeks after buying it and Amazon wouldn’t credit me the difference. The return was really easy and they gave me a full refund.

          Keep a sharp eye on the price of these TVs during the next few days. Last Prime Day, the Fire TV Edition TVs kept moving around in price every few hours. Not sure if it will happen again this year, but this might not be the best price. If the TV hasn’t shipped, you should be able to get credited the difference if it does drop between now and tomorrow.

  3. David Young says:

    I ordered mine already. I’ll be staying off amazon for the next couple days, too tempting.

  4. Stevenasf says:

    Did we ever figure out the flavors of 4k that it handles? UHD? Also, if I have Directv could the Directv little peanut remote handle off/on and volume. Could the Echo in the room control the other smart commands you voice (netflix, etc)? In other words would I need to use the provided remote control?

    • Don Draper says:

      Great question about using the echo. I don’t have one but I am curious. I got this to replace my dad’s CRT that has an Android box connected so he can watch Man In The High Castle and various other streaming only shows. Ugh… where the hell an I gonna store ANOTHER CRT? My back is never gonna forgive me.

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