This weekend is your last chance to save on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick have been on sale all week, so this weekend is very likely the last days before their prices go back up. The Amazon Fire TV with 4K and HDR support is on sale for $49.99 and the Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale for $29.99. Both of those prices are as low as they’ve ever been for non-Prime members. Prime members have seen those prices $5 lower during past sales that were only available to Prime members. While we’re expecting a new premium Fire TV model to be released in the coming months, neither of these two models on sale today will likely be replaced until at least the end of this year or later.

  1. 00Bis says:

    My remote broke for my Fire TV 2 so I contacted amazon and they credited me $30 was able to buy the firestick as a replacement remote since it as the same price as the remote if your having remote issues contact amazon.

  2. Stank says:

    I’m seeing that the deal is over on my end.

  3. fred says:

    Anyone with The dongle hooked to a surround receiver? Everything I play the receiver reads the Fire tv setting. Right now it is set to accept DD+ and every source(ones I know are pcm) reads dd+. If I change to setting to DD everything reads DD.

    • Mark B says:

      Yes it’s a firmware issue. If you just purchased it there may be a firmware update that will fix it. Make sure and check for updates. It you uodate and still have the issue you may be stuck with it. That’s why I got rid of my Fire TV 3. Everything was stuck on DD+ If you are still in the return period you can get a Stick which doesn’t have this problem.

      Wanna hear something even more messed up? TrueHD and DTS-HD are disabled in the firmware by Amazon…

      If Fire TV 3 had come out with a non-broken firmware we could have had an actual Shield competitor that could function as a full Plex/Kodi client. Especially since it apparently now does Hardware mpeg 2 which only the Shield could do properly previously. Oh well.

      • fred says:

        Thanks, sounds like the dongle is a disaster, luckily I got it free

        • Mark B says:

          I really do remember something about an update to fix that Digital plus issue so do some searching and see if you can find out if it was fixed. The Fire TV three does have some nice advantages over the other Fire TV devices it’s just unfortunately the worst Fire Tv for Plex And Kodi. At least it was six months ago when it came out. If they fixed the audio issue then there’s no reason it can’t be used a 1080 P client for Plex and Kodi. The problem is Amazon is in the Prime Video streaming business not in the Plex business so they really do intentionally crippled some things. I’m just happy we can still side load.

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