Tivo Stream 4K dropping to $19 at some stores in possible fire sale — $25.49 at Tivo.com

The Tivo Stream 4K, the companies first Android TV streaming device, has a foggy future. The company first hinted at abandoning the product to focus on TVs running Tivo software, but then backtracked to say they are still supporting their streaming dongle and plan to release a successor. While the future of the Tivo Stream 4K is unknown, one thing that’s certain is that the price is dropping like a rock in what appears to be a fire sale to clear out inventory.

The Tivo Stream 4K started at a retail price of $69.99 with an introductory price of $49.99. Before the introductory period could end, Tivo made $49.99 the device’s regular list price. Soon after Google released the 2020 Chromecast late last year at $49.99, which is arguably a much better device, Tivo dropped the regular price of the Tivo Stream 4K to $39.99.

Now that Walmart has released its Onn UHD Streaming Device for $29.88, which has essentially the same exact hardware as the Tivo Stream 4K, albeit, with much worse software, Tivo has put the Tivo Stream 4K on sale for $29.99. You can get it for that price at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Tivo’s own website. You can use promo code TIVO15 on Tivo’s website to take an extra 15% off, coutesy of Dave Zatz, which drops it even further to just $25.49. If you’re willing to venture out into the world, some Walmarts have it in store for as low as $19.00, according to a photo from @NashGuy73 on Twitter.

Tivo can’t be making much money selling the Tivo Stream 4K for under $30, yet alone under $25 or under $20, especially with the elaborate remote that the device comes with, which surely costs a pretty penny to manufacture. This rapid price drop feels very much like Tivo and retailers are clearing out as much stock as possible before Walmart and other manufacturers flood the market with generic sub-$30 4K Android TV boxes and dongles.

Something we know for certain is that Best Buy has fully stopped selling all Tivo products. Walmart might soon be doing the same, hence this clearance sale, but it’s not certain. Tivo did just strike a deal with Target last month for Target to start selling the Tivo Stream 4K, so it’s not like Tivo is exiting the market entirely or anything like that.

A pair of new Tivo remotes passed through the FCC last month, so these sales might just be clearing the way for a new device or, possibly, the same Tivo Stream 4K with a new cheaper remote that allows Tivo to sustain a lower price. Whatever the case may be, you can currently get a pretty great price on the Tivo Stream 4K if you’re interested. Just know that software updates might be few and far between, since the company itself has stated that it is shifting its focus away from standalone streaming devices and towards its ultimate goal of TVs with embedded Tivo software.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Figures after I bought it for $40.

  2. hectare says:

    When someone says Tivo I immediately hear a crashing fighter plane from every cartoon / WWII movie. Lucky for me, Google sent me a free Chromecast with my last phone upgrade

  3. Susan Woloszynski says:

    I have a TiVo. I got it when we didn’t know what would happen with Hbomax. Does this mean I should invest in a Google Chromecast? Please someone help me with this. Thank you

    • No need to get a new device yet. If the Tivo Stream 4K starts losing major apps, then maybe it would be time to shop around, but that’s not happening.

      • Susan says:

        Thank you for your help. Really appreciate it. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, WordPress didn’t email your comment. Not sure what’s going on, never had that problem before

        • Tom Wooden says:

          the tivo 4K is a really good streamer, it has great specs,is really fast and perfect for downloading 3rd party to watch anything and everything you like and want. For 20 bucks you can’t go wrong.

      • Tom Wooden says:

        the tivo 4K is a really good streamer, it has great specs,is really fast and perfect for downloading 3rd party to watch anything and everything you like and want. For 20 bucks you can’t go wrong.

  4. Susan says:

    And what TVs have embedded Tivo software? We can’t get this somehow can we? I have an LG smart TV, from 2019.

  5. Y2Bogus says:

    The Ghanan pall bearers are tuning up for the TiVo Stream 4k

  6. Tom Wooden says:

    The downfall started when tivo put a stream sticker over watch Cops,or live PD on the front of the box.And they deserve it.

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    They could have added an app to the Stream device to stream from their legacy DVRs, but then they wouldn’t sell many of their $200 Tivo Minis and their $60 WiFi adapters. At a minimum, they should have released a new version of the Tivo Mini running android so users could have full throated versions of the streaming apps.

  8. nate mudhall says:

    From Wikipedia “TiVo Corporation, formerly known as the Rovi Corporation and Macrovision Solutions Corporation, an American technology company. Headquartered in San Jose,the company is primarily involved in licensing its intellectual property.”

    After they purchased TV Guide and shut it’s broadcast signal down which bricked 2 of my $600 Sony DVR. I will never deal with them again. I don’t trust them at all. They can keep changing their name but they are still Macrovision. I won’t do anything to keep them in business.

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