Tivo retires Amazon Fire TV app with new one in the works

A couple of years after its first appearance, Tivo has quietly retired their Fire TV app which never made it out of beta, as pointed out by Zatz Not Funny. Ted Malone, Tivo’s VP of Consumer Products, told Dave Zatz on Twitter that a new app would hopefully arrive next quarter. Tivo is building on “a new, cross-platform code base” that will make both Android and iOS apps possible. Tivo might have something to show as early as next week at CES. The removed Tivo app allowed customers to stream recorded content from their DVR through Fire TV devices, much like a Tivo Mini does.

  1. FirstWorldProblems says:


  2. shwru980r says:

    I think the main users of this app were people who had to travel for their job and stay in hotels. They would plug in a fire tv stick and watch the content on their tivo at home. I think Tivo may have hung these customers out to dry for a while. They should have kept the beta app going until they had a replacement.

  3. C says:

    I would think sideloading would still work. I did that previously, and preferred the expereince to the BETA app.

  4. FirstWorldSolutions says:

    Why? Why would you pay $150 for TiVo mini and have to set up moca when you could pay $70 for fire and use your home wifi to set up multiple tv rooms to watch recorded tv? For a beta the app worked very well.

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