Tivo isn’t done making Android TV dongles just yet

Earlier this week, the future for streaming devices from Tivo running Android TV seemed bleak. CEO Jon Kirchner revealed in an earnings call that the release of the Chromecast with Google TV has caused the company to shift its focus towards embedding their software into TVs. While some priorities may have changed, Tivo has told Jared Newman over at TechHive that it’s not done with streaming hardware and that we should expect new Android TV dongles from TiVo. Additionally, Tivo says they will continue to improve their current Tivo Stream 4K dongle.

  1. Tom Wooden says:

    I have and use 2 of these tivo 4k streamers and love them. They are fast, work fantastic with no issues what so ever and low-cost only 35 dollars on average. So why does or would tivo change anything. Why would a tivo stick user buy a newer one? there really is no need to. If it works don’t fix it was the sane a few decades back.

    • Daz says:

      I find them a bit slow and laggy with loading certain apps, so I just got an NVIDIA Shield instead and I’ve never any problems ever since. Especially when it comes to gaming.

  2. Rik Emmett says:

    CEO Kirchner contradicts himself in less than a week. Time for Kirchner to go. Tivo already has their DVR software running on android for some cable companies. Tivo should build a new Tivo Mini on Android so that it can have full throated streaming apps.

  3. Keith says:

    I’ve never owned a TiVo, really used to want one back in the day, but unless you have a lifetime pass, who would pay for that service today? The DVR software is much better than any cable company’s, but at $13.99 a month? There are much more affordable alternatives to record shows.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      If you have good OTA TV reception, you can use a Tivo to record all of the shows that you watch without having to pay for broadband internet or cable. You can get a $30 annual phone plan with 200mb of data to use to download the guide data updates every day. Just put the sim in an old phone or a hotspot. You can find older used models with lifetime service in the $200-$400 price range. If you use it for a few years the cost per month is negligible.

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