Titan Souls arrives on Fire TV devices to test your archery skills and patiences

Titan Souls is a top-down 16-bit styled action game that has just been released for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Its visual style and play is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, except it consists of only the boss fights. In Titan Souls you have only one weapon, a bow, and only one arrow. You can shoot your one arrow as many times as you’d like, as long as you pick it back up. You also have a force-like ability which summons the arrow back to you at the cost of planting your feet, making you immobile while the arrow makes its way back to you. The game consists of all unforgiving boss battles. Success lies in learning each bosses movement pattern and determining their weakness in order to land a perfect shot which takes them down. What may be funner than playing this game is watching your friends and family play as their frustration level skyrockets with each death, only for them to throw up their arms in victory when they nail that precise shot in the end. As long as you’ve got a game controller handy, give Titan Souls a go on either a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

  1. Justin says:

    A bit expensive though. While I understand wanting to charge the same across devices I’d rather not spend much on any Fire TV game. If I’m paying a starting price like that I’d usually rather get it on PC where there are often sales across the different sites that offer pc games.

    Some of the expensive android games have done well though like say Towerfall on Ouya so it might just be me.

    • Ujn Hunter says:

      Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of system in place where you could pay a Developer $$$ once and gain access to the game on any device? Sort of like Sony’s Cross-Buy with PS3/PS4/PSVita but including PC/Android/Xbox/iOS etc… that would be great. I’d definitely buy more games at higher prices knowing I could play the game on almost any device I own. One can dream.

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