Time is running out to get the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick for their lowest prices ever [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV with 4K and HDR is on sale for $44.99 and the Fire TV Stick is on sale for $24.99. These are both the absolute lowest prices that either device has ever been. The Fire TV has never been this low before and the Fire TV Stick has only been this low once before. These sales are for a limited time and are expected to end this weekend. These prices are only available for Prime members. If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign-up for free to take advantage of this sale and decide later if you want to keep the service or cancel within 30 days without paying anything extra.

  1. Charlie says:

    Damn shame I don’t want a FTV3. Surely, a new player is in the wings.

  2. bombo says:

    I am really more disenchanted of these amazon teams, yesterday I came across another ostaculo I happened to be buying a NBA PASS account and to my surprise the fire tv is not compatible however other lesser category if they are, was not possible to buy a fire tv stick basic here in these united, I really do not know what the amazon people are thinking.

  3. Keith says:

    I finally bought a 4K TV with HDR last week and thought Id take advantage of this great deal. I should’ve done a little research. I’m shocked it doesn’t have any sdcard slot!I just assumed it would or at least add more internal space.
    It’s a snappy little device but how do you manage a Kodi install with less than 5 GB of storage to start?

  4. Ctx31060 says:

    Buy one at a time to receive the discount on multiple orders.

  5. Trololooooooo says:

    I can send you Android TV’s APK. Try to search Android TV versión.

  6. atone says:

    I also wish the Firetv 3 was a real box instead of this hybrid stick-box. Don’t need it anyways since I own 3 of the best Firetvs (Firetv1, Firetv2, and Firetv.Stick2, so will pass on this great deal, until maybe a large leep is made in the next edition. Firetv4)

  7. Paul says:

    I am also waiting for a new box. I may just buy a nvidia shield because the wait is just too long. The only thing that i don’t like about the shield is no play ff and rw buttons on the remote.

    • Jon says:

      There is kind of a pause/play button on the Shield remote, it is not obvious, but you double tap the volume slider for pause/play. Regardless the Nvidia Shield remote is garbage at best. Dont get me wrong, it is a superior box to the Fire TV in every other way, but the remote will make you question purchasing a Shield at times. If you are going to purchase a Shield, be prepared to also purchase a different remote to use it.

      The Shield remote goes to sleep very quickly, and does not like to wake up. You have to press a button 20+ times sometimes to get it to respond. Some times it works quickly, but other times it is quicker to wake it up by removing and reinserting the batteries.

  8. binger says:

    Those of you who have a 4K TV – how does the dongle FTV compare to 2nd gen box FTV? Most interested in using it for legal streaking of Prime and Netflix, as well as my own media collection using Kodi.

    Already own the FTV1 FTV2 and Stick1. Use FTV2 daily. FTV1 (rooted) and Stick1 gathering dust in a drawer. Since Amazon doesn’t take trade-ins, is there any demand for 1st generation devices? I’d feel better not having another unused box around just because I buy something new and shinier. Elias – any suggestions for well loved older gen FTV gear?

    FTV2 is still serving me well except for wifi-remote. Does anybody know if the FTV3 dongle plays HEVC X265 files better than the FTV2? Using Kodi as my home media hub. Still using an old reliable Samsung 40″ 1080p TV and hope to upgrade soon.

    Those of you who use the Shield – how is x265 playback? Is there less clutter/advertising on the Amazon Video app?

    Glad to see Amazon went back to bluetooth remotes with the newer models. Might be worth buying Gen3 FTV to replace original stick for travel and to have a backup remote.

  9. Rob Davis says:

    @binger – I have no issues using the dongle for 4K HDR Netflix/Amazon Prime or using Plex for my own media. I don’t have Kodi loaded so I can’t answer. However, navigating the menu/guide in PS Vue is slow compared to FTV 2 and Shield TV.

    I haven’t had any issues playing HEVC X265 file on the Shield. As for less clutter on the Amazon app, the app interface is just like the old Fire TV interface. Also, when I play Prime content on the Shield I don’t get any annoying adverts before the show plays like I do on my Fire TV’s….so that’s an improvement.

  10. Charlie says:

    Sale is still on. I’m daring to dream the Cube is about to go on pre-order.

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