TikTok app is now available on Fire TVs & Firesticks in the US and Canada

The full-fledged TikTok app is now available for Fire TV owners in the US and Canada. The app was first released in the UK, France, and Germany earlier this year but now it has come overseas. A very underwhelming app called More on TikTok was widely released last year, but it offered nothing more than a series of compilation videos that highlighted TikTok content. This newer is the TikTok app you expect, with full access to “For You” and “Following” feeds, a Discovery page, and more. The app is compatible with all Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Smart TV models.

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  1. TechyChris says:

    I will call this an “Improvement” since U.S. Fire TV’s couldn’t login at all before, but there are ALOT of bugs that still need to be worked out.
    Using a Gen 2 Cube so I would expect the app would be technically functional. The list of bugs is long but a few highlights:
    1. It took several tries to login via QR Code but it finally took.
    2. The app crashes, often, for no apparent reason.
    3. Not all of the Creator Channels I follow appear in the “Following” Stream (Wouldn’t be so bad except for #4 below)
    4. There does not appear to be any way to search for a specific Creator Channel. There is a Search box, selecting it does nothing and brings up a “Wi-Fi Disconnected” error. Which then leads back to #2 Crashes Often.
    5. Somewhat Related to #4 above, when selecting my account profile there appears to be no way to directly select from the list of accounts I follow as you can in the Mobile App.
    6. There are more problems but you get the picture, not quite ready for Prime Time, updates are REQUIRED by the App creator. As of now I think accessing TikTok directly through the Silk Browser is the better option.

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