This simple Fire TV app is indispensable for anyone that sideloads APKs

If you’re someone that sideloads apps onto your Fire TV, you’ve probably installed an app at some point that ended up looking squashed, stretched out, or even cut off. If not, it’s probably only a matter of time before it happens to you. This is because a lot of smartphone apps rely on the device they’re installed on to tell them what screen orientation to use. Since the Fire TV expects all apps to only be displayed in landscape mode, some sideloaded apps intended for smartphones behave strangely in that unexpected environment. The solution to this is dead simple and it’s thanks to an app that I have been recommending for years and that I install on every one of my Fire TVs.

The app to fix this Fire TV screen issue is called “Rotate Screen Orientation.” When configured correctly, it solves the problem by forcing all apps on the device to use a landscapeand format, regardless of what the app defaults to or the device tells it. You can get it by entering 2200 (or into my Downloader app.

Once you sideload the app, you’ll want to launch it and set the “Device rotation” setting to “Landscape.” You should also enable the “Start on boot” option, otherwise, you will need to launch the app manually before launching the app that you want it to fix. The various notification settings in the app don’t apply to the Fire TV.

That’s all there is to it. Any app you launch will now be correctly oriented in landscape mode. If you ever need to temporarily revert back for some reason, just force quit the Rotate Screen Orientation app. Uninstalling the app will return everything to the way it was. The app is tiny at under 1MB and uses a negligible amount of device resources. I just install it on all of my Fire TVs and let it do its thing to fix apps when it needs to. I’ve been using this since the first Fire TV was released in 2014 and while there have been fancier screen orientation apps released since then, this simple one does the job well and has yet to fail me.

  1. James says:

    Will your apps also work downloaded as is to an Android TV? I don’t have a Fire device, but follow your postings. I keep waiting for a Recast that has decent audio and video specs.

  2. Just Curious... says:

    Does anyone know of an application apk that can make the Fire TV device appear to be at a specific location on earth all the times? For my phone, I use FakeGPS which works great to convince my phone it’s somewhere on earth which will then allow some applications to work believing I’m physically present at that location. Using IPVanish and selecting specific locations doesn’t always work for some applications, and if there is no IPVanish site near where you want to appear to be, it’s pretty much useless.

    • Travis m says:

      Unfortunately, this isn’t possible on fireOS. I wanted to know the same thing when I moved from one state to another

  3. The Brain says:

    Is this app you’re recommending the same as this one at Google Play Store?

    If yes, it’s a paid app.

    But there’s a free one which does the same thing, and it’s the one I use:

    (It’s no longer available on Google Play Store).

  4. grsb says:

    Great! I wonder if this app would work to fixe app’s width when setting Fire Stick to Ultrawide resolution via adb on Ultrawide screens (like LG’s UM displays). I have one, but some applications, like Netflix, just don’t resizes to 2560×1080, as others do (like Prime Video).

  5. jim says:

    I brought a Fire TV cube
    1st to watch certain apps works ok
    good as a firestick 4k

    I assumed that when connected to the TV
    You would be able to use the Cube speaker with the TV sound output
    Nowhere can i find any info

  6. blkwhtrbbt says:

    how about rotating to portrait mode? digital drawing is often easier in portrait, because it‘s more similar to how paper or canvases are arranged. set orientation seems to only stretch my image, and still force it to appear sideways.

    • Jon says:

      This isn’t working on my 2017 Firestick. It tries to flip but just ends up back normal. I’m trying to flip to reverse landscape.

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