These are the Free Prime Member Games and New Amazon Lune Games for September

If you’re a Prime member and play PC games, head on over to Prime Gaming to claim this months batch of free games. Up for grabs is Knockout City, which is normally free-to-play until level 25 but claiming the game allows you to play all levels for free. Also available for free are Tools Up!, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Puzzle Agent, Candleman, Unmemory, and Secret Files 2. If you’re subscribed to the Luna+ channel through Amazon Luna cloud gaming, a few new games will be made available in September. Those games include Dice Legacy, Enter the Gungeon, and Olija. The games Hokko Life and Open Country, which were originally supposed to arrive last month, are now slated to arrive in September as well.

  1. TechyChris says:

    I follow a few different Subreddits for free games. I usually use Steam (FYI in the past 2 years I’ve collected 187 Paid Steam games & DLC’s for Free). The Majority are popular.
    What’s the deal with Prime Gaming? I notice that if I don’t immediately download the free games I claim and I come back to my account some weeks later they are gone? This doesn’t happen with Steam, once I claim a game it stays in my account forever (well at least 2 years), even if I don’t download it, some of these games are 70-80 gigabyte, who can download them all? The storage would be off the charts. Am I missing something with Prime Gaming history? I don’t see any game in my account older than a month or so.

    • Charlie_ says:

      You just have to claim it to your account. Everything should be in your library in the the Prime Gaming program.

      Make sure you’re in the library section. Not the offers

      • TechyChris says:

        Thanks but I’m still not seeing it. I have Amazon Prime and my accounts are linked Twitch / Prime Gaming. I can claim Games / Loot etc.
        BUT I only see 6 games available (presumably the last 6 I claimed.)
        There should be about 40. I see no way to access a “full library” in my account. I’m sticking with Steam.

        • Charlie_ says:

          You need the Amazon Games App. I don’t think I can link it here but it’s on Amazon’s site.

          Once you download that, log in and you should see all your claimed games within your library.

          And unlike Xbox Live, all the games you claim are still yours even if you cancel your Amazon Prime.

          Good luck brother, hope you can figure it out

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