The Spot is a new dead simple way to wall mount an Echo Dot without screws or adhesive

If you’ve ever considered mounting an Amazon Echo Dot on the wall but didn’t want to commit to something permanent, you might be interested in a new product called The Spot that just got released. It’s a cradle that hangs off the Echo Dot’s included power adapter to get the device off of a countertop or table. It seems most ideal for use in a kitchen or bathroom, where you likely have power outlets that are up high. The Spot is currently on Amazon for $13.99, although it started the day at $11.99, and includes a short USB cable in the box to keep things tidy. It’s available in white or espresso. The creator has mentioned on reddit that gray and blue are coming next week, with a black version coming later.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    Is this a beta or early access release? Why does it block the other outlet?

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s a final product. The creator discusses the blocked outlet here by saying:

      you caught one of my only gripes. the top flange should be lower. def next version. that said it still take a normal plug in the outlet above. it slide on the amazon plug that comes with your dot so there is room. I should change the pic a little. normal plugs ok. hairdryer plugs are a no go.

      • xnamkcor says:

        To be fair, if I had a echo or dot and bought this, I could just use my plane or rasp to fix it.

    • Creator here! I need to update that picture. It makes it look like there’s no way you can plug something into the top Outlet which isn’t true. I’d like the flange to be a little lower but I ran into the problem with having it be vertical or horizontal a mounted.

  2. djino says:

    I just bought 2 of them. Thanks Elias!

  3. Inventor here. Thanks for the great write-up Elias! I added another picture to the listing showing what it looks like with something plugged in above. It doesn’t really get in the way unless it’s a really big plug but it could be cleaner. I hope there will be a version 2 and I will do my best to leave as much room as possible. Thanks

  4. Hi! creator here. Thanks for the post Elias!

    I am always updating the mount cad file so i love the feedback. I added another picture in the listing to show that the top outlet still works fine for most 2 and 3 prong straight plugs. anything large with a ground that has to hang down (hairdryer) will not work. One of the goals was to have an easy way of moving your dot from room to room if you did not want to buy more than one so, its not too bad unplugging it for the occasional use of a big plug. hope that helps.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for chiming in Charlie.

      (Incase anyone is wondering why Charlie posted twice and partially repeated himself, it’s because his comments got incorrectly marked as spam and I just now got around to approving them.)

    • xnamkcor says:

      How hard would it be to include a screw hole for optional mounting to the outlet screw hole be to add to the geometry? Would that be too fine?

  5. gdroid666 says:

    it’s pretty ugly it looks like something to hold a urinal puck or one of these things that holds a toilet bowl cleaner tablet

  6. Nicolas says:

    Great idea! However, doesn’t the Echo Dot work best in terms of microphone quality when placed horizontally?

  7. Dave says:

    Having no, or limited, use of the second outlet is a deal breaker for me. I’ll be buying from your competitor instead.

  8. Wan Hung Lo says:


    Tell your wife I said thanks for the great BJ last night!

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