The quirky side of Fire OS 5 for Fire TV

Unless you’re a developer or like having things not work, you shouldn’t install this first version of Fire OS 5. There’s a good reason why you have to jump through a few hoops to install the developer preview of Fire OS 5. It has issues, is not ready for the masses, and is just down right weird at times.

For starters, ADB on Fire OS 5 is unstable, so you likely won’t be able to sideload apps with it. Before you grab your pitch fork and yell “OH NOEZ!! AMAZON HAS BLOCKED SIDELOADING!!1!1!!”, know that that is not the case and will never be the case. There’s just something buggy with Fire OS 5 and its network connection. For some odd reasons, Fire TV’s running this first version of Fire OS 5 are actually creating a wifi hotspot. Perhaps it’s some new way to setup the device by connecting to it through an app, like the way one sets up the Amazon Echo through it’s own wifi hotspot. I don’t know, but I think it’s related to why ADB doesn’t quite work right.

There are also several key apps that don’t run the same as with Fire OS 3. Most notably, Firestarter, the beloved sideload launcher, does not work correctly with Fire OS 5. Llama is another app that doesn’t behave the same.

The good news is, now that the OS is available, developers can start testing their apps and figuring out if they need to update their app or if there’s something broken on Amazon’s side of things. By the time Fire OS 5 is officially released to all Fire TVs, we’ll hopefully have a stable platform to carry the Fire TV forward. If you’ve installed Fire OS 5 and have found something broken, post about it in the comments below.

  1. Larry Lewis says:

    Using the Fire TV Stick on OS 5… no issues sideloading APKs using adbFire on OS X. Perhaps this issue is just on the Fire TV?

  2. Aaron Richards says:

    I have it on one of my FireTV’s right now. It took me a while to get it working. And i have no idea what caused it to start working but i can tell there are some big bugs. After it updated it was reporting the date as august 2nd not august 20. Because of this i couldn’t use anything nothing worked videos, music. I forced it to rest set back to factory setting and that didn’t work. After about 2 hours of playing around with every setting the date automaticly updated. (now the firetv has been online all day with OS5 not sure why it so long to get the right day). Now i got it working started to resideload my apps and kodi installs and works but i have noticed its reporting the wrong IP address.

  3. tom42 says:

    Any clue if we will be able to keep root and install OS5 when complete?

  4. Some One says:

    New custom rom released by rbox!!! Sure there will be a post on it here in under 24 hours.
    Just incase anyone wants to know now!

    • Volle says:

      His update was for the latest android 4 update (
      The dev preview is

      so i guess we’ll have to wait a little longer :>

  5. Kaazvaag says:

    Bugs found so far:
    (1) DD5.1/DTS passthrough (optical and HDMI) not working in kodi. (It did work in FIRE OS 3).

    (2) The IP address from the fireTV is different then the IP address of Kodi. This was not the case in FIRE OS 3.

    (3) After restarting the firetv my USB mouse isn’t detected. The workaround for now is to disconnected and connected the USB cable so that the mouse is detected.

  6. Grinder says:

    BBC iPlayer and BBC news have been completely broken.

    ADB works fine, but revert to ADBFire 1.28. 1.29 is crazy buggy.

    Llama can boot you straight to Kodi, but no app detection.

  7. Grinder says:

    Good news (possibly)!

    Firestarter might not be a non-starter!

    • Grinder says:

      Latest is the current single thread implementation of ADB is preventing the observation process from working properly. Won’t be fixed unless Amazon updates it.

  8. Dusten says:

    How do you get Kodi to work again?

    • Grinder says:

      You have to launch Kodi from Settings>Manage Applications. You can also set up Llama to launch it at boot.

      • Dusten says:

        It doesn’t give me any options only uninstall. I’m just going back to OS 3

        • Grinder says:

          That doesn’t sound right. Until you get rolled back maybe you should use adbfire to uninstall and then reinstall it. It will work, but loading it from settings isn’t ideal.

  9. Nate says:

    Bluetooth headsets lag and cut out, tried it on a few sets. Anyone else have problems. The lag is really annoying and needs to be fixed asap. Any any ideas or quick fixes? I had this problem on the last stable release and also os 5

  10. Greg says:

    Got the 5 update as well on my Fire TV. I signed up for the HBONow trial but it doesn’t play smoothly, very noticeable judder. I tried it on my Chromecast and it plays butter smooth on that. The Fire is wired BTW. Anyone else experience this?

  11. broker1k says:

    watch espn quit working… can not see logon code

  12. xnamkcor says:

    One of the first apps I sideloaded was ES File explorer. With USB storage and my NAS, sideloading is not needed anymore. I just copy the APK over and install in from within the OS.

  13. Sascha says:

    I’ve played arround with FireOS5 as well and would like to downgrade to the latest FireOS3.x. Is there any good guide that does not require root?

  14. broker1k says:

    when i went from wired ethernet to wireless ethernet, my date and clock issues went away on my fire tv box… anyone else saw that? ive seen it occur twice here

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