The next generation Amazon Fire TV has arrived


The 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV has officially been released. I’ve received my new pair, as have many others. I’m going to skip the traditional unboxing video and get down to the nitty gritty of figuring out all of our unanswered questions. I’ve got a list of things to test, but let me know in the comments what you want to know about the new device.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Does it support mpeg2?

  2. Melt says:

    Does Plex ac3 passthrough work now when the audio track isn’t #1? I’m really wanting plex to function correctly and be able to pass through 5.1 audio tracks.

  3. Mariusz says:

    Does it work with the Logitech Harmony Smart Control (i.e. Logitech’s remote controls that support bluetooth) system?

  4. Smiffy71 says:

    I just need the Llama redirect to work. Everything else is sorted.

  5. clocks says:

    I assume Firestarted still isn’t working. I would like to know if navigation, starting up Kodi, NF, etc are any noticeably faster on the new box, or undetectable.

    I have two pre-ordered from Staples, but the orders are still processing. I chatted with a rep, who said they should arrive tomorrow, but I am skeptical if they have not shipped yet.

  6. Jared says:

    MPEG-2 support, or at least a processor fast enough to decode HD MPEG-2 video coming from an HD-HOMERUN Prime would be amazing.

  7. Luke says:

    I still can’t get the stupid batteries in the remote , terrible remote back

  8. Justin says:

    What exactly is supported through usb storage?

  9. joao says:

    What about external storage. Can i use NTFS or exFAT? Either with HDD or microsd? Does the microsd is accounted as internal storage or works extactly the same as external HDD?

    Basically anything that supports files bigger than 4gb.

  10. Luke says:

    Sorry I got it I’m a loon lol

  11. James says:

    Frame rate switching?
    Kodi hd audio?
    Twitch and YouTube 60fps?

  12. Vince P says:

    Is there a list of apps that amazon fire tv search works with?

  13. John says:

    I have no 5.1 digital with Netflix on the fire tv. I hooked my Roku 3 back up and poof 5.1 on Netflix app. My soundbar is 4K compatible so I know it decodes Dolby 5.1 but with fire tv doesn’t give that choice at all. I get stereo that’s it

  14. Dr. Popo says:

    OMG!!! I can’t wait to get home! My was just delivered =D

  15. Phil Nabozny says:

    How do you get Alexa to work, fine on my echo, not fine on my new ATV?

  16. Barush Benitez says:

    Is the bump in hardware specs noticeable while on Kodi?

    • Stank says:

      I’m not seeing it or feeling it. I’m not seeing any improvements in speed with the Fire’s UI either. I’ve seen folks mention a snappier feel. Placebo-effect perhaps.

  17. BiH says:

    Is it just mine unit or nobody else is noticing lag and unresponsivness from the new remote? Its really bad on my unit.

    • Paul says:

      I’be got the game controller and noticed the same thing. Navigating through the main Fire TV menus isn’t as responsive as it should be using the d-pad of the controller.

  18. T33Hud says:

    Has anyone tried some 1080 h265 on Kodi?

    • sevimli says:

      Didn’t work here. I have DJI phantom pro raw videos in 4K with H265 codec, kodi 15.2 won’t play any of these videos… :( Same videos work just fine on my Shield TV though…

  19. henry says:

    i dont believe nfts storage is working, only fat32, i emailed and got a response from a customer service representative that the request will be forwarded to the fire team. The more people that request nfts support the more the chances that it may actually happen..!

  20. Carlos says:

    Can you do a side by side with the 1st gen AFTV? Show a speed test on kodi etc

  21. jason says:

    does flic work to provide ir remote support?

    • Troks says:

      My Flirc seems to work…. At least it allowed me to scroll from recent down to settings. Didn’t test beyond that

    • luthersman says:

      the problem was with my usb hub. seems the firetv2 doesn’t give it enough power. wish i remember where that powered hub was, so i could give that a try.

  22. luthersman says:

    does usb port work for a hub?

  23. Troks says:

    I believe the remote is being interfered with. Randomly disconnects from Fire TV

  24. Chris says:

    My home network is already set up to block updates from Amazon (have two existing rooted FTVs). I received my new FTV today and the setup will not continue unless it checks for updates. I tried to pull the ethernet cable to trick it like the first gen FTVs but I can’t seem to get the timing right. Safe to remove the blocks from my router in order to proceed? I can unplug my existing FTV units to be safe I suppose.

    • kix420 says:

      Shouldnt be a problem as long as you have updates blocked on the box. to check go to system>About>Check for updates. If you get the error message updates are blocked on the box, if it tries to update then updates are only blocked through the router.

  25. flg8tr98 says:

    Can’t seem to get passthrough working on Kodi. My gen fire tv had no issues using xbmc and passthrough. Anybody have luck?

  26. John says:

    So far I’m unimpressed and fire tv support no help

  27. Sevimli says:

    HELP me Please!!
    I can’t get the batteries in the remote , just cannot open the cover… I am afraid to brake it now… please help me…

  28. goldenrod says:

    This is the most ridiculous remote I’ve ever seen. Mine has no latch like in the instructions. I’ve done everyone short of smashing it to pieces to try to get the damn thing open. 100% ridiculous and will cost them a lot of sales.

    • cheryl jones says:

      did you click on the link above

    • cheryl jones says:

      this is what it says. i don’t have new one but last years fire stick was the same way i had to find a you tube.

      Firmly press down the latch on the back of the remote and lift upwards.
      Note: It can take a considerable amount of pressure to open the battery door.

      Pull away the battery door.
      Insert the batteries.
      Slide the door back in place. Press down to secure.

      • goldenrod says:

        I did look at the link, but the new remote has no latch. I did finally get it open, but it was a 45-minute ordeal. The remote is now scratched and the plastic is a bit mangled at the bottom. It’s like cracking open an Android phone. You have to pry all around the edges. It’s unfathomable to me how they could come up with a design like this and provide no instructions for how to open it.

  29. sevimli says:

    My 4k H265 videos won’t play in Kodi. GoPro 2.7K videos played well. I can play all those 4K videos on my Shield TV without any issues.

    I am connecting with ethernet port to a NAS device…

  30. Dan says:

    ive been checking out. A bit disappointed. Remote horrible to put batteries in and get working at start up. Initially, the back button was awful, but it appears to have loosened up and works now.

    Wifi is better with my AC router. MPEG-2 1080i, with my HD Homerun prime, is the same. Very sad about that. Streaming Amazon prime content is very fast. Haven’t sideloaded Kodi yet, since my preferred method using iOS app, sideloader for firetv will not work with it.

    Alexa seems to a big improvement, but you don’t need a new box for her.

    I would say if you don’t need 4k, I wouldn’t upgrade.

  31. goldenrod says:

    WatchESPN has terrible stuttering video. You can see it most in the crawls. It’s not really watchable as is. The first gen Fire TV is very smooth with Watch ESPN.

  32. quique18 says:

    I am not happy with this, the integrated gpu is taking up about 600MB of the 2GB that comes with the box. In my fire tv 1st generation I had 1200MB of RAM free in KODI, now I only have about 600MB. Getting a lot of buffering where in the fire tv 1st geeneration I had no problem, connected ethernet, 200MB download speeds, advanced xml setup correctly, same exact build on both 1st gen and 2nd gen and the 1st gen is running circles around the 2nd gen.

  33. judder says:

    Has judder issue been solved ?

  34. Dragon says:

    Having been a supporter of FTV since its initial release I have to say I am so disappointed with this new release. As others have aluded to, audio is completely inoperable. I.E. No surround on Netflix, but working on Amazon Prime movies. Kodi, no passthrough whatsoever, no DD, no DTS no nothing unless you swithch passthrough off in Kodi itself, which basically negates having a home theatre system. So, as I said, very very disappointed, FTV v1 is getting re-installed and a very high likelyhood of the new one being returned due to it not being fit for its purpose

  35. Adrian says:

    No Dolby Digital Plus. Only regular Dolby Digital output from the new Firetv right now with Amazon content. hmm.

  36. Judy says:

    I wish someone would make a video for the 2nd generation as to How to Open the Amazon Fire TV Remote Control Battery Door. I have been trying for over an hour & I can’t get it opened.

    • cheryl jones says:

      saw this on kindle message board to open remote

      There are hooks on each side of the back that engage into slots on the remote body…slide the back up (toward the top) about 1/2 inch, then it will lift off, revealing the battery compartment. Line up the hooks, press down, and slide back toward the bottom to close.

  37. John Smith says:

    Buy this or wait for a Roku 4?! Any surprises Roku might have that would make it worth the wait?

  38. cheryl jones says:

    non techy here but on my roku i have usb port. i can put in a flash drive with personal videos/pics/music and click on the roku usb channel and view my stuff even without wifi connection.
    is that possible with the new fire. i do not see a usb app in store.

  39. Rodrigo says:

    Wsup AFTV!!!
    Got my Fire TV 2nd Gen yesterday! I purchase the gaming bundle and was kind of dissapointed it didn’t come with the regular small remote control. Also the gaming controller is glitchy. Don;t know what to try to improve it but if you guys figure something out let us know please.
    Appreciate all your work.

    • kix420 says:

      my game controller seemed to settle down once it took an update. I was also disappointed it didnt come with both the small remote and the game controller like the OG fire tv. Remote app works fine.

  40. Vince P says:

    Has anyone noticed a crash on Hulu Plus? Everytime I auto to the next episode it starts and then crashes the video. Have to restart the video again.

  41. Preemptor says:

    took delivery of 2nd gen yesterday cannot get the kodi shortcut via llama to work using adb fire or directly with llama. can someone confirm this for me?

    • sevimli says:

      it is not working under fire OS 5.0…

      We have to wait for the full support.

      I cannot even play my 4K videos under kodi.

  42. Martin says:

    Order one and got 2. Xmass in October…

  43. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hello Elias,

    Today I’ve been reading over 90 reports and complaints on of the new Fire-TV (2nd), and sadly only find negative things!

    Most buyers are complaining and have said that they do not understand how Amazon could launch this New Fire-TV in such a “Buggy” state !!

    And also that 5.1 not work at all: No Dolby Digital 5.1 with Netflix !!

    There also complain about wifi connection drop and erratic remote connection…

    I always thought that Amazon would launch this New Fire-TV (2nd) with a more finished and tested Final FireOS-5, and then would launched it for all the others Fire-TV (1st Gen)…

    But it seems that Amazon has done the opposite, has launched its New Fire-TV with an Unfinished/Untested Beta version that is still very Buggy ?

    As yet I have not received my new Fire-TV, I do not know if all these bad reviews are true, but what if has caught my attention is that all users are complaining about the same faults and deficiencies !!

    What is happening with the new Fire-TV (2nd Gen), which is having so many negative reviews on ??

  44. Phil Nabozny says:

    Well after all the hype it seems that you only get Alexa on the Fire TV if you’re in the States. Here in the UK, Amazon tell me that Alexa is not supported and not available, no wonder I couldn’t get it to work. I must spend too much time looking at American websites!!!!!

  45. Gary Halstead says:

    Can anyone test xfinity tv Go and look at a sporting event to see if there is any stuttering. I tried it on the stick last year and sporting events were a no go. I never tested it on v1 fire tv.

  46. Brian Miller says:

    FTV2 wifi signal strength vs the same signal strength on FTV1 … FTV2 says signal is marginal and FTV1 is excellent. I may be crazy but new and improved FTV2 is looking a lot like Fire Stick with its wifi issues. As for Alexa/ it seems more of a gimmick than anything useful. Also was pissed that the USB I bought would have to be replaced with a new micro SD/chip. In short FTV2 is being sent back.

  47. Tom says:

    Having problems side loading Kodi on the new box. What is working for you guys?

  48. Rüdiger says:

    …without Spotify Connect!

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