The new Apple TV is now available for preorder


The new Apple TV, announced last month, is now available for preorder. The 32GB model is $149 and the 64GB model is $199. Orders placed today will arrive between November 2nd and 4th with standard shipping, or as soon as October 30th with expedited shipping. I’ve ordered one to compare it to the Fire TV, and to see if I can shoehorn Kodi onto the device without rooting. Let me know in the comments what, if anything, you would like to know about it or want me to try/compare with the new Apple TV when it arrives.

  1. pmcd says:

    I too have ordered one. I would certainly like your take on how Plex compares on both systems.

    I doubt you will every manage to get Kodi on there, but good luck!

    • Jason says:

      Although they’ve committed to it, I don’t think Plex is coming for a while.

      • Plex confirmed a try to launch with Apple TV, if not shortly after. They submitted the app for approval and were rejected however have since re-submitted (this past weekend). There is also a third party plex app looking like it will be available at launch as well called SimpleX. Most of this info is from the plex forums.

  2. Abdel says:

    I would like to see if you can put Kodi on apple tv and if thats any better than the fire tv?

  3. Josh Broome says:

    Can’t be done, yet, people want are dying to hack this thing. Since tvos is new, it’s vulnerable to hack, I’d say it’s a good possibility this thing will load Kodi within 3 months. Waiting on you Geohot.

  4. Itzme says:

    I’ve ordered the Apple TV, too. It’d be great if you can join me in comparing it to my Fire Stick to see if it overcomes these problems…

    On the Fire stick Plex seems to sometimes have micro-stutters, likely due to the max bitrate.

    HBOGo and SHO apps have lip synch problems or poor video quality issues with my surround sound.

    Kodi won’t offer me any sound, but that’s likely because my Firestick is plugged directly into my AVR.

    BTW, if my Plex works as well it airplays to my current Apple TV, I’d have no desire for Kodi, unless Kodi would play DTS on the new AppleTV (which i doubt). Maybe you can help me discover over issues that’d make me want Kodi over Plex (or Simplex).

    • Y.O. says:

      I’m interested to find out why people prefer Plex to Kodi? I’ve always thought that Kodi was way better, with more access to movies, sports, etc. Can Plex essentially do the same thing? I don’t quite understand the whole “hidden channels” concept.

  5. Itzme says:

    Why Plex over Kodi? For me it’s manly because Kodi will only give me stereo sound. That seems to be an issue when the fire stick is in my Pioneer AVR. But when I breifly played around with it, to play files on my server, I also don’t recall getting meta data like posters, synopsis, and Rotten Tomatoes. Plex seemed better for browsing and overall GUI. But I’m open to learn how Kodi might be better, especially on the ATV 4. I’ve played around with channels on Plex, and I’m not really into the advantage of channels, I mainly want an app that plays my video files.

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