The most elaborate Amazon Fire TV Stick unboxing ever

The new redesigned Fire TV interface is a big deal for Amazon and rightfully so. This is, after all, the Fire TV’s first major interface update in 4 years and only the second time the interface has ever been redesigned. One indication of the new interface being a big deal are the review packages being sent out. I asked Amazon for access to the new interface since my own Fire TV devices hadn’t received the update yet and what I received is the most elaborate Fire TV unboxing experience that I’ve ever seen.

I was told I’d get a Fire TV Stick sent to me that had the new interface preloaded. Considering how small the Fire TV Stick is, I was a bit surprised when this large box arrived.

It all became clear once I flipped open the lid. One theme of the new Fire TV interface is being more personalized than ever with clear and purposeful destinations for each person’s taste.

This package is like a physical representation of some of the things that can be done on a Fire TV and possibly done more easily with the new Fire TV interface.

Fitness apps on the Fire TV have seen a 200-300% increase this year, given that people are spending a lot more time at home. Behind the fitness door is a cork massage ball.

Education apps have seen a 400% increase in usage and cooking falls in that category. Amazon teamed up with Food Network Kitchen to give all Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and Echo owners a free 1-year subscription to the streaming service. Behind the cooking door is a trivet that doubles as measuring spoons.

You probably expect the Fire TV Stick to be behind the entertainment door, but I suspect it wasn’t placed there because it would have rattled around too much. Instead, there is a corn cob that can be microwaved for popcorn to go with your entertainment.

Lastly, behind the Alexa door, is an Echo Dot to facilitate hands-free control of the Fire TV Stick, which was also tucked behind the Alexa door, next to the Echo Dot.

While I would have been perfectly content with just getting the new interface pushed early to one of my own Fire TV Sticks, I certainly appreciate the surprise and extras from Amazon. I assume that others in the media received similar packages to highlight the new Fire TV interface, but I may be the only one-man-shop to get one, so it’s a nice gesture.

I usually return all early-access review units sent to me once the ones I purchase myself arrive, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the expectation with this package. So, I guess consider this post a disclosure that I’ve been wooed by lavish gifts from Amazon. ;-) Now, on to the real fun of dissecting the new interface, so look forward to those posts in the very near future.

  1. Michael Nix says:

    Nice. And for once I seem to be 1st. Whoohoo.

  2. Michael says:

    Well I’m sure that a good evaluation from you will bump up that 50 million base of active users. I’m not sure if you know how much we appreciate what you do.

    But it’s cool getting the swag.

  3. Charlie says:

    Nice! I assume that’s the new 1080P stick.

  4. krazijoe says:

    WTF! They sent you a new Dot for free and yet mine is on backorder from late November!
    That is a big box though…

  5. clarence says:

    So,let see(video) the new interface in action with full review, hurry!!

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