The Fire TV Pro Remote is on sale for the first time — Grab this rare discount while you can!

Amazon has just put the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro for Fire TV devices on sale for the first time. While it’s just a $5 discount, which drops the price from $34.99 to $29.99, it’s still very much worth jumping on this deal if you’ve been contemplating the new flagship remote but haven’t wanted to pay full price. That’s because Fire TV remotes hardly ever go on sale so it’s surprising that this remote has been discounted at all. The last time a Fire TV remote went on sale was at the start of 2019, and that was only because people felt gypped that a new remote was released right after millions of devices were sold with the old remote during the holidays. This Pro Remote sale isn’t meant to make up for anything, but it might prove to be just as rare.

The new Pro remote is easily the best remote for any Fire TV device. It supports features not found on any other remote, like customizable buttons, a backlight, a remote finder that beeps the remote, and more. You can read about all of its capabilities in my detailed review. For Fire TV Stick owners, it’s certainly hard to justify paying as much for a remote as you paid for the whole streaming device, if not more, but I think it’s worth it since the remote will likely outlast the streamer and can continue to be used with future Fire TV models you may upgrade to.

The discount is also available in Canada, where the Pro remote is down from $44.99 to $39.99, and available in Mexico, where it is down from $1,099 to $999.

  1. Greg says:

    Yes, that’s a start. I am guessing there will be more sales coming up in the future and they might be cheaper than now. And if this happens. This a Amazon trend to a Newer version of the remote is coming most probably before the end of the year. As mentioned this is a trend that Amazon has used in the past and most probably in the future when they have a new version of a Product coming out.

  2. BobTheBuilder says:

    I’m curious why newer remotes are not compatible with older devices such as the Fire TV 2nd gen (box)? I haven’t been able to find an explanation.

  3. Greg says:

    Have you tried to live chat with Amazon Customer Service Fire TV about this they should be able to answer your question

  4. Mark says:

    Too many recent (this month, January) reviews showing remotes being delivered with “DirecTV & Peacock” buttons, not the “Disney+ & Hulu” buttons expected. The description still shows blank buttons. Think I’ll pass on this gamble. But thanks for the heads-up.

  5. nvidiashieldguy says:

    Now that its possible to reprogram the 2 customizable buttons to any launcher/app you want, I pulled the trigger on one. Thanks for posting about the sale.

  6. Mark says:

    Well, I bought one against my better judgment. Decent remote. EXCEPT for the “Remote Finder” feature which is the reason for my returning this remote in less than 24 hours of ownership with a strong “do not recommend” comment attached. The remote finder does not work if the TV is turned off! Alexa requests that you turn on your TV and THEN use the remote finder…you know, after you used the remote to turn the TV on. A serious ‘WTF’ quiz as to who would think this is a good idea. SO, the remote is being returned. It really was no better than the original remote for my TV anyway. The backlight was kinda cool, but is needed because the face of the remote has gotten extremely crowded and operation by ‘feel’, as is done with other FTV remotes, is virtually impossible to do as there are no longer any voids on the remote face. It is a poorly executed design and operation.

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