The Fire HD 10 tablet for $99.99 is the most underrated deal of Black Friday [Expired]

As I peruse all the various deal and tech websites looking for the best Black Friday deals to post, it’s clear that everyone is focusing on Amazon’s knockout tag team duo: the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick. On Tuesday, Amazon will inevitably put out a press release telling everyone that they sold a gazillion Echo Dots for $29.99 and a bazillion Fire TV Sticks for $24.99. What probably won’t be mentioned much is their newest tablet because the Fire HD 10 for $99.99 is easily one of the best deals this Black Friday that everybody is forgetting.

It might be because the deal went live early on Sunday instead of on Thanksgiving, like most deals, but the Fire HD 10 deal doesn’t seem to be getting the credit it deserves. That’s why I’m taking a minute away from hunting down deals for all you fine folks to highlight it now.

Amazon’s discounts tend to be greater the longer the product has been available. At only 44 days old, it’s surprising that Amazon has discounted the Fire HD 10 as much as they have, which is 33% off. For comparison, the Fire HD 8, which did also come out this year but has been available for three times as long as the Fire HD 10, is only being discounted 30%. The Amazon Echo which, at 24 days old, is the newest device that Amazon has discounted, is 20% off.

The unusually high discount might make sense if the Fire HD 10 was a bad product, but as the happy owner of one myself, I assure you it is not. It has a great full HD screen which is the first 1080p display we’ve seen on a Fire tablet since Amazon discontinued the Fire HDX line. It’s no slouch under the hood either, since it has the same guts as the very capable Fire TV 2.

The Fire HD 10’s biggest flaw is probably the smaller selection of apps in the Amazon Appstore, compared to other Android tablets that have access to the Google Play Store. However, that is easily remedied because it literally takes 5 minutes to sideload the Google Play Store on the Fire HD 10. You don’t need to root it or even use a PC to install the Google Play Store. It can all be done right from the tablet itself using the default web browser. Once installed, the full Google Play Store selection of apps are available to install at your fingertips and they even auto-update correctly.

Amazon is notorious for skimping on internal storage on their devices, but with 32 GB in the base model, the Fire HD 10 has the most internal storage of any Amazon device. If that’s not enough there is a 64GB version which is also $50 off and both come with a micro SD card slot to expand their storage. Movies from Amazon Video, Prime Video, and Netflix can be stored on either the internal storage or the micro SD card for offline watching.

There are plenty of great deals during Black Friday this year. If I were to rank them all, the Fire HD 10 for $99.99 would easily be among the top, if not the best deal.

  1. Kaylee says:

    Absolutely! I bought one myself on the day it came out and I’ve been loving it ever since.
    This is a fantastic price and I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah, it’s a good tablet. Not overly fast, but not horribly slow either. Somewhere in the middle…which will work for most people who just casually need a big and decent tablet on a budget. Screen is amazing for price! Best screen I’ve seen on a lower end 10.1 device for less then $150. I installed Google Play Services/Store on mine.

    The HD 10 also exclusively has Always Listening Alexa capabilities which work well. Most general commands work without unlocking the device. But if you have a PIN code set? You have to unlock it first before controlling Smart Home Lights and Harmony etc and that’s annoying to me.

    Beyond that? It’s a good deal. Surprised they aren’t selling out like hot-cakes at a hundo?

    • Glee217 says:

      Also you can by pass “add on” items on Amazon prime using Alexa ! Man I already have a older fire table 7 and the newest fire hd 8. So if anyone wants to buy it I am in Sf California.

  3. Robert Simandl says:

    Now that I have Google Play installed, should I enable the Play store to do auto-updates? It’s already telling me to update apps that Amazon (not Google) put on my tablet. Thanks!

    • Glee217 says:

      Some people says to disable auto updates for play store sonce they said it will corrupt the Amazon stock apps if uodated with play store

  4. Dave says:

    You convinced me to pick one up for the wife. Sounds like it runs and looks good.

  5. tech3475 says:

    My aunt got one, my only on going concern is possible compatibility issues with the play store.

    Other than that it’s good for the money, especially compared to some alternatives I’ve seen for the price.

  6. beanos66 says:

    U.K. Amazon store original price is £149.99 ($112.55) sale price £109.99 ($146.58)

    We get shafted left and right

    • beanos66 says:

      U.K. Amazon store original price is £149.99 ($199.89)* sale price £109.99 ($146.58)

      We get shafted left and right

      *don’t seem to have an edit option

  7. AR says:

    i probably would have got one if they still had it in aluminum, i don’t why they don’t make it in aluminum anymore

    does the last gen that came in aluminum support hands free alexa now?
    seem the older aluminum one is not on sale though

    • Linda says:

      The older aluminum version is slower and has the crappy screen without hands free Alexa. It is also $250 and totally not worth it. If you plan to get one, only get the Fire HD 10. The old version wasn’t even HD.

  8. fjtorres says:

    I sprung for the 64GB version at $139 because in the past some of the Amazon apps wouldn’t see files on SD card. Besides it’s a fair price and you can never have too much storage, SD card or not.

    My original vintage HD8.9 is still running okay but the usb power adapter has been acting up lately.

  9. AFTV Fan says:

    Do games that only work on the Fire TV boxes, but not on the Fire TV Sticks work on the HD10? Do those same games that didn’t work on the sticks work on the HD7/8? I already have the HD7/8 and need a very good reason like better games compatibility over the Stick and HD7/8 to buy an HD10.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Since the current Fire HD 10 has the same GPU as the Fire TV 2, it should be able to play every game in the appstore. However, that’s not the case because it’s still up to the developers of the games to go in and mark their game as compatible. Unfortunately, many developers don’t bother, so you get games that are listed as compatible with the weak Fire 7 but not the Fire HD 10. It’s best to check specific games that you’re interested in playing to see if they’re marked as compatible.

  10. HeyRadar says:

    I can’t recommend it to my family and friends because it doesn’t come with the Google play Store.

    And I don’t need to be their tech support.

  11. AFTV Fan says:

    You can buy this for $85 from Target online. It’s $100 with 15% off and free ship today.

  12. Glee217 says:

    Btw Apk’s can be installed right? If so how?

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