The different Micro USB OTG Adapters and Accessories that work well with the Amazon Fire TV Cube

The micros USB port on the back of the Amazon Fire TV Cube will most commonly be used to connect the Amazon Ethernet Adapter that comes included in the box with every Fire TV Cube, but with the right adapters or accessories, it can be used for so much more, as is described in this article. Here are some great micro USB OTG adapters and accessories to expand the functionality and capabilities of the Fire TV Cube.

If you don’t care about having an Ethernet connection for the Fire TV Cube and just want to connect USB devices, you can essentially turn the micro USB port into a standard USB port by connecting any micro USB OTG adapter. The adapter does not need to be a Y-adapter, like this one which is needed for the Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick, but Y-adapters do work fine. Any simple straight micro USB OTG cable, like these, will work. You can even use solid adapters, like these, or mini inserts, like these, to convert any standard USB device or cable into a micro USB OTG device.

If you want to connect more than one USB device to the Fire TV Cube at once, you can use a standard USB hub, like this one, paired with any OTG adapter, like the ones mentioned above. Alternatively, you can go for an all-in-one solution and get a USB hub with a built-in OTG micro USB cable, like this one.

If you want to skip the use of dongles all together and just want to connect a thumb drive to the Fire TV Cube, you can use something like this SanDisk Flash Drive with a built-in OTG enabled micro USB plug. If you prefer to use memory cards, you can use something like this compact card reader that packs in an OTG enabled micro USB plug, as well as standard USB and even USB-C. Either option will work well to expand the Fire TV Cube’s internal storage so that you can install more apps. These will also work well to old media files for playback in apps like Kodi.

Any of those options will work well, but, in my opinion, the best OTG accessory to use with the Fire TV Cube is a USB Hub that has a built-in Ethernet adapter that is compatible with Fire TV devices. Using such an accessory will allow you to achieve simultaneous Ethernet connectivity and will provide multiple standard full-size USB ports for additional USB devices. In the past, I have recommended getting this UGREEN USB Hub + Ethernet adapter and pairing it with an OTG adapter, like any of the ones mentioned above. I have a verified that the UGREEN adapter works perfectly with the Fire TV Cube, however, I have found and tried a new adapter that is an even better fit for Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Cube.

The Smays USB Hub + Ethernet adapter already has a built-in micro USB OTG enabled plug, so you don’t need a separate OTG adapter, like you do with the UGREEN hub. Better yet, it supports USB power passthrough via an included cable, so it can also be used with the Fire TV 3 and the Fire TV Stick. I also verified that using the included power cable will serve to power the hub’s 3 USB ports, so that you can connect high-draw USB peripherals, like spinning hard drives.

My only issues with the Smays hub is that it feels a bit cheap compared to the UGREEN adapter. The USB ports are also closer together than I would prefer, making it difficult to connect wide plugs/devices next to each other. Other than that, it seems like a great little all-in-one device. The only thing that would make it better is a built-in SD card reader, so for that you’ll need to connect a card reader to one of the USB ports.

  1. Dave says:

    I just want to be able to use my Logitech keyboard and Ethernet at the same time. If I’m reading you correctly a standard micro usb to USB adapter won’t work if plugged into the micro usb slot on the included Amazon Ethernet adapter? If this is the case what adapter would you recommend for just Ethernet and powering a usb Logitech keyboard. I can’t imagine searching for things without a keyboard again!

  2. 93036 says:

    LOL, NVM; I figured it out!

  3. David Flannery says:

    If all I want to do is have ethernet and the k400 keyboard for my FTV Cube, can I use the Smays adapter WITHOUT powering it with its power supply? (I have too many wall warts already!)

  4. Paul says:

    Lets say I plug in my usb thumb drive using an adapter that converts the thumb drive to fit into the micro usb port on the firestick cube. And on that thumb drive I have a movie file on it like a .avi file. What do I need to do to find and play that moviw file? I have VLC and mx player installed on my cube already.

  5. MARC A MOORE says:

    I’m looking for a plug to extend my memory on the 2nd gen Fire tv Cube . I think the plug I need is a micro USB. Right ?????

  6. Sharon Ruth says:

    I have an older TV in my kitchen that only has one HDMI hook up and the cable box is plugged into it. Is there any other way that I can hook my Fire cube up to this TV?

  7. Nick B says:

    I have a Fire cube and would like to connect ethernet and a separate camera cam you let me know which one of the adapters is best.

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