The Cord Cutting Show Episode 4 — Windows Media Center dead, Apple Touchpad remote, May’s content, and more

Episode 4 of The Cord Cutting Show podcast has been released. I joined Luke from CordCuttersNews, Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor, along with special guest Jared Newman from PCWorld and TechHive to discuss the weeks new media and streaming news. This week we talked about the death of Windows Media Center, Apple’s rumored touchpad remote for the upcoming Apple TV, the Sideclick remote accessory, and we sized up the new content available from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for the month of May.

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  1. Orion says:

    Are you ever going to discuss the “grey” area that cord cutters step on every day? I’m talking about Kodi and the add-ons used to watch free content.

    • AFTVnews says:

      If you’re referring to pirating and illegal content sources, there’s really nothing “grey” about those areas. It seems pretty black & white to me. The only thing I would consider “grey” is illegally obtaining content from one source when you’ve purchased it from another. Like buying a Blu-ray of a movie and then illegally downloading the same movie because it’s easier than ripping the Blu-ray yourself.

      I don’t personally keep track of the various illegal content sources/add-ons, which is why I don’t cover them on this site and don’t plan to discuss them on the podcast. If there’s something news worth about Kodi itself in any particular week, we’ll definitely cover it since Kodi is awesome.

    • Tinwarble says:

      And Kodi has nothing to do with that anyway. Kodi is not and has not been developed for the purpose of using add-ons to watch pirated/illegal content.

      People lumping Kodi in with the add-ons created by third parties in order access pirated materials is what gives Kodi a bad name. Kodi has no more to do with people accessing illegal content than a web browser has to do with people watching/downloading porn.

  2. Orion says:

    Yes, well said. At the end it is a topic up for debate, undergraduate students (or college students overall) always watch series by using Kodi with third party add-ons. They don’t have money to pay for Netflix or other monthly services. Most also use Spotify’s free service, and this type of streaming is clearly not illegal, as long as you don’t download and/or share the content. So these types of services are very (hugely) popular among tuition fee payers, who can only afford a student internet service and living expenses. This post is beginning to sound like the podcast, when you guys mention that “it is hard to believe that people still have cable,” IMO more and more people are becoming “real” cord cutters.

  3. snorkel says:

    Speaking of cord cutting silicondust is bringing a hdhomerun DVR to market at will also be developing a fire TV client that will support copy once protected content via a cable card and you will be able to mix antenna and cable sources

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