The Cord Cutting Show Episode 10 — Amazon drops Kodi, Roku top box, Sony Vue channels, and more

Episode 10 of The Cord Cutting Show has been released. I joined Luke from CordCuttersNews and Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor to discuss the weeks new media and streaming news. This week we discuss Amazon dropping Kodi, Roku being the top streaming device, Netflix vs Alibaba, Sony Vue adding a-la-carte channels, ISP data caps, the NHL’s blackout lawsuit, and more.

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, via the RSS feed, via YouTube, or simply download the MP3 directly.

  1. Tinwarble says:

    Ok, so I just got to listen to the show and I have to say that Luke (I guess that’s who was talking about this) doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    He kept bring up “add-ons” like NBC Sports Live Extra (which is broken currently by the way and doesn’t even work on current Kodi builds) as if it allowed people to stream illegal content. However, it does, nor did, no such thing as far as I can tell. All those apps do is allow you to stream the content on that website.

    If you use the NBC Sports Live Extra add-on you can steam the same videos as if you went to which is the official site. That’s how all the “Official” add-ons are, they don’t by-pass any type of logins and they only let you stream what you would readily be able to stream for free from a browse on your PC, usually from the source that they are available. All Kodi is doing in that case, or should I say the add-on, is acting like a browser accessing legal sources.

    As well, saying that Kodi should take responsibility for users being able to access illegal content it purely moronic in my opinion. In that same realm, should internet browser devs take responsibility for their users being able to conduct illegal acts?

    Now some may say that’s the wrong narrative, because you’re talking about different things. Yet, the add-ons, for both legal and illegal content, access internet streams in the same manor as a browser and the only real difference between an add-on and bookmarking a web site in a browser is the UI.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I love hearing what people think about the podcast. The person you are talking about is actually Ryan, not Luke. Obviously I don’t agree with his assessment of the Kodi situation, but I hope you agree that it was refreshing to have a little debate/conflicting opinion on a topic for once. The three of us tend to feel the same way towards topics most of the time, so it’s nice to disagree every once in a while, even if it means the audience will inevitably end up disliking one of us a little.

      • Tinwarble says:

        Well I apologize to Luke, it can be hard to keep who’s saying what when it’s just audio of you guys.

        Really it’s not a matter of disliking anyone and if it were just a matter of opinion then it would be one thing. But RYAN was just factually wrong and although he has a right to his own opinion he does not have the right to his own facts.

        I know that you were in disagreement with him, however, the debate, felt heavily one sided. Not really your fault since you really didn’t know what it was he was referring too and didn’t have the knowledge to push back. My biggest issue is that anyone listening to the podcast and also having little or no knowledge of those add-ons or what they do would more than likely just assume that he had a point, even though (to put it kindly) he was mistaken in his assumption.

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