The supposed complete list of Alexa commands

CNET has put together what they’re calling the complete list of Alexa commands. Everything you can do with an Alexa device is spelled out in detail on Amazon’s numerous Alexa help pages but it’s still interesting to see everything listed out on a single page. CNET’s list is not actually complete, but take a look because there’s bound to be something on there that you don’t know about.

  1. Joe says:

    Far from complete. I’m not going to bother signing up for cnet to comment but off the top of my head it’s missing “Alexa flip a coin” and various dice commands… Alexa roll a Die / roll a pair of dice / roll a 24 sided die / roll five 32 sided dice. Also random number picking. “Alea pick a number between 1 and 10 (or 1 and 100) (or 45 and 721)(basically any range.) Quite useful when you need Alexa to settle on a place to order dinner from for example. (Heads Italian, Tails Chinese) and let her flip a coin.

  2. Alex says:

    It was great at the time, but it’s already a little dated. There’s a broader and continuously updated list of Alexa commands at

  3. Gary says:

    The CNET site is broken or intentionally designed to fail. It initially pops up some subscription display, and when you hit the go-away box, it is ignored. When you click on the go-away box multiple times (let’s say X times), the site appears to be programmed to ignore the clicks X-2 times, and apply the X-1 click, so it can apply the final click to the Vonage ad hidden below. Is there a reputable site that lists Alexa commands?

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