The Amazon Echo can be purchased for $94.99 — Today Only [Expired]

Amazon is currently running several promotions that, when combined, will let you buy an Amazon Echo for $94.99. The Echo just went on sale for $149.99, today only, which is a good sale on its own at $30 off the retail price. This sale price can be combined with the still active promotion that takes $50 off the Echo when you purchase it with an Amazon Store Card and use promo code ECHODEAL. That brings the price down to $99.99 at checkout and then you’ll see a $5 credit on your Amazon Store Card statement due to the 5% back you get for using it, bringing the final price down to $94.99. If you don’t have an Amazon Store Card, you’re really missing out. It gives you 5% off all of your purchases and is seriously a no brainer if you shop on Amazon. The 5% off just automatically shows up as credit on your monthly statement, so you don’t have to deal with stupid points or remembering to redeem your credit.


According to Matt Nieland, you’ll get an additional $20 off if you’re opening a new Amazon Store Card account!

  1. Shanto says:

    damn. That’s cheaper than the invite-only price. I’m tempted to buy a second one.

    • Powarun says:

      If my house was more soundproof I’d probably get another one. Though for $99, I think I’d rather pick up a few more remote switches for the home for it to play with

    • Heather Marzano says:

      I just ordered it. Got the additional $50 off, and the $20 gift card for signing up for amazon prime store card. I already had an visa signature card but that one did not qualify. That brought the ECHO down to $80, then I had another $25 gift card so only paid $61. It is a good day!

  2. Justin says:

    I use my Amazon store card for almost all Amazon purchases.

    One quirk I found was that app subscriptions like showtime or gamefly don’t work with the amazon store card. I was wondering why I always got errors when trying to use a free trial then I tried my normal credit card and it worked.

  3. Raymond says:

    Beware, I signed up for the Amazon Prime Card and was approved. Went to checkout with the Echo, put in the deal, got the discounts showing a total order price of ~$139 (added the voice remote and taxes). Hit purchase. Check my order again tonight only to realize that they billed a different credit card and also removed the discounts, so they charged my card $191.68. Feels like a real bait and switch.
    To be clear, $149.99 for Echo, $29.99 for voice remote. Got $50 ECHODEAL discount and $20 gift card applied, but those were both removed in my final invoice and they switched payment methods.

    • Ujn Hunter says:

      Sounds like something went wrong with your web browser? Or it changed before you hit the final “Okay”. Also, you shouldn’t need to buy that $29.99 voice remote, as the Echo already comes with it. Unless you wanted a spare?

      • bigdavy says:

        Echo no longer comes with a remote, that was only included during the original invitation period. I guess many folks rarely used the remote so they made it an add-on purchase.

        • Ujn Hunter says:

          Ouch. No remote included anymore? Not that it was really useful to begin with… but that makes the $179.xx price look like hot garbage if you need to pay another $29.xx just for the remote.

          Also not happy either… Amazon pulled the same crap with me on my purchase. Original price when I checked out was $106.xx then they charged another payment method and hit me with $159.xx. I’m having a hard time getting them to honor my original purchase. Seems like they should considering they’ve basically committed a fraudulent charge to my credit card.

  4. Thomas says:

    Got one, thanks! Saw that it was discounted to $150 on the homepage, but didn’t know that $50 promo with the Store card from last weeks stacks on!

  5. Rene says:

    Any idea when this thing is coming to Europe? I’m don’t know why … but I want this spooky cylinder :D
    It’s frustrating that every new device takes months to be released in Europe by Amazon.

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