Xposed Framework is causing Alexa on Fire TV 2 to continuously crash in a never ending loop

An issue has popped up that is causing the Alexa system app on rooted 2nd-gen Fire TVs that have the Xposed Framework installed to repeatedly crash and restart in a never-ending cycle. The issue seems to only affect devices running the pre-rooted ROM that have also installed Xposed. The result is a loss of all Alexa voice remote functionality and a hit to performance. Read more ›

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How to remove the Banner Ad on the Fire TV Home Screen

A few months ago, Amazon enabled a banner ad at the top of the Fire TV homescreen. The banner was added with the software update, but wasn’t activated until several months later. I personally don’t mind the banner, since it only advertises Fire TV related items, but if you have a rooted Fire TV and want it gone, then you’re in luck. Rbox just updated his Xposed module to remove the banner, in addition of all the other tweaks it adds. This guide will walk you through the simple steps of installing the module and removing the home screen banner ad. Read more ›

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How to enable Wallpapers in Alternate Launchers on the Amazon Fire TV

Some of you choose to use an alternate Android launcher on your Amazon Fire TV instead of the default homescreen. This can be a beneficial decision if you’re one who often uses a variety of sideloaded apps. One thing that had always been missing from alternate launchers on the Fire TV was the ability to change the launcher’s wallpaper. Today that changes, because XDA Forum member schybiorz has figured out a way to enable wallpapers and forum member superkoal has packaged the modification into a simple to install Xposed module. The module enables both static and live wallpapers, as well as widgets. Read more ›

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How to install and setup Xposed Framework on the Amazon Fire TV

The Xposed framework is a platform which allows for the installation of modules which change the behavior of the Amazon Fire TV. By itself, the Xposed framework does not do anything. The modules installed once the framework is setup are the ones that can modify the behavior of the Fire TV. Installation of Xposed requires that your Fire TV is rooted. This guide will walk you through the simple steps of installing and setting up Xposed. Future guides will discuss the installation of modules and what can be done with Xposed. Read more ›

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