How Fire TVs and other Amazon devices automatically know your WiFi password during setup

If you’ve set up a new Amazon device recently, you may have noticed that, somehow, it automatically connected to your WiFi network without you needing to enter your WiFi password. I’ve seen plenty of threads and comments from people wondering how this could happen and even some with concern that it means their WiFi network might be compromised or less secure. Others, with good intentions, are often quick to point out that they must have allowed Amazon to store their WiFi password, but that’s actually only half the solution. Even if a password is stored in the cloud, how can a new device retrieve the password if the thing it is retrieving is what it needs to connect to the cloud in the first place? Here’s an explanation of how new devices, even those not made by Amazon, are able to already know your WiFi password all on their own. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TVs can now automatically connect to Wi-Fi without you needing to enter your Wi-Fi password

The new software update for older Fire TVs and software update for newer Fire TVs has added support for Amazon Wi-Fi simple setup. The feature is part of Amazon’s “Frustration-Free Setup” program that debuted with the Amazon Smart Plug and has since been added to newer Amazon Echo devices. Its goal is to get a new Amazon device up and running with as little customer input as possible. Wi-Fi simple setup on Fire TVs means the next Fire TV you purchase can automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network without you needing to enter a password, that is, if you opt into the feature ahead of time. Read more ›

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