Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions use SD Cards for external app storage — Not USB drives

The Element Fire TV Edition televisions have a full-sized SD card slot, as well as a pair of USB ports, where one is USB 2.0 and the other is USB 3.0 speeds. It was expected that only the SD card slot would be used for external app storage, since that’s the way the Fire TV 2 works with its microSD card slot. I can confirm that only the SD card slot on the television is available for external app storage. The television does recognize when you connect USB drives, but warns you that they cannot be used to store apps, like the Fire TV 1 can do. Files can be accessed through either the SD card or a USB drive via 3rd-party apps, like media players (e.g., Kodi, MrMC, SPMC, VLC, etc..) or file managers, but only the former can store apps to augment the Fire TV Edition televisions 16GB of internal storage.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 supports USB Storage, Keyboards/Mice, and Ethernet Adapters via USB OTG without Root


Believe it or not, the setup you see in the above picture works. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 supports OTG USB cables out of the box without needing to root the device or change any configuration settings. What’s even more astonishing is that USB keyboards, USB mice, USB hubs, USB ethernet adapters, and even USB external storage all work perfectly with no extra effort or configuration whatsoever. Read more ›

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New Fire TV will support USB External Storage

Good news everyone, the new Fire TV will afterall support external storage through its USB port. A couple days ago I reported that Amazon had “Accessories Only” listed in their developer specs for the new Fire TV, implying that you could not mount a USB drive connected to the USB port on the back of the new Fire TV. Amazon has reached out to me, saying that that was an error, and that the USB port on the new Fire TV can be used with USB drives for external storage. Amazon has since updated their specifications page to now say the 2nd Generation Fire TV’s USB port is for “Accessories and media storage.” It’s unclear at this time if users will be able to move apps onto USB drives, like they currently can with the 1st generation Fire TV, or if a connected USB drive can only be used for media storage.

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USB port on new Fire TV for “Accessories Only” — External storage only through MicroSD

The device specifications page on Amazon’s developer portal states that the USB port on the back of the new Fire TV is for “Accessories Only”, while the USB port on the 1st generation Fire TV is listed as being for “Accessories and storage.” Similarly, the specs for external storage for the new device say “MicroSD up to 128GB”, while the old Fire TV says “USB up to 128GB.” This is pretty damning evidence that you will not be able to connect and access a USB drive with the new Fire TV like you can with the existing Fire TV.

It’s possible Amazon made it so that inserting a microSD card into the new Fire TV will completely replace the /sdcard directory on the device’s internal storage. If that’s the case, it will solve the limitation on the 1st generation Fire TV which prevents some games and apps from being moved entirely to external storage. This would explain not wanting to implement the inferior USB storage system with a better method provided by the new microSD card slot.


Amazon says the “Accessories Only” specification was an error and that the new Fire TV does support external USB drives.

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How to play files larger than 4GB off the Fire TV’s FAT32 USB storage in Kodi

Since the Amazon Fire TV will only accept FAT32 USB Drives, you can’t store files larger than 4GB on a drive that the Fire Tv can read. This poses a problem since many high definition video files are larger than 4GB in size. There is actually a simple solution to this problem. Kodi has the ability to detect split RAR files as a single video file. All you need to do is split your larger video files with a RAR utility before moving them to your USB drive. This guide will show you how to do that on both a Mac and Windows computer. Read more ›

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How to partially or entirely move Kodi data to external USB or MicroSD storage

The Fire TV’s support for external storage is great, but it has one major flaw. You cannot move an apps “data” files to external storage. You can only move the app itself. For the case of Kodi, its “data” files include the vast majority of the storage space it uses. Luckily, Kodi supports advanced features which allow you to reassign where it stores its data files. Through these advanced settings, you can move all of Kodi’s data files to external storage. This guide will show you how to move all of Kodi’s data files to external storage, or if you prefer, just Kodi’s thumbnail directory. Read more ›

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What to do if the Amazon Fire TV only sees a small portion of a USB drive

If the Amazon Fire TV is only seeing 197MB or other small amount of a larger connected USB drive, it’s likely because the USB drive has a hidden partition. You may think the USB drive has only one partition, but it likely has a second hidden partition if the Fire TV is only seeing it as a small drive with less than a gigabyte of space. The most common way to end up with a hidden partition, like an EFI system partition, is by using the drive to install an operating system like Windows. Since the Fire TV mounts the first partition it detects, it’s mounting the small hidden partition and ignoring the rest of the USB drive. To fix this, all you need to do is delete the hidden partition. To do so, simply follow this guide.

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Everything you need to know about USB Storage with the Amazon Fire TV

The latest Amazon Fire TV update has added official support for external USB storage. This new feature has raised a lot of questions about what types of drives will work with the Fire TV and what can be done with an attached drive. Read on to learn all about the Fire TV’s new USB storage support. Read more ›

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