Fire TV interface update for the Echo Show 15 has arrived

Amazon announced in September that the Echo Show 15 would be receiving an update that turned it into a full-fledged Fire TV. With only a few weeks left in the year, the Fire TV update is now rolling out to Amazon’s largest Echo smart display, bringing the two product lines closer together than they’ve ever been. Read more ›

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Fire TV software update makes it easier than ever to get to your apps

Every Fire TV owner knows you can place your six favorite apps in the Fire TV’s navigation menu for quick and easy access. To get to any of your other apps, you’ve had to select the Apps icon in the navigation bar to load up a grid view of all of your apps. Amazon has recently pushed a very welcomed software update to Fire TV devices that now lists all your apps in a horizontally scrollable list in the empty space below the Apps icon, eliminating the need to load the app grid. Read more ›

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Older Fire TVs can now control Bluetooth Headphone Volume with the remote as well

About a year ago, Amazon pushed an update to newer Fire TV models that made it possible to control the volume of Bluetooth headphones and/or speakers paired to a Fire TV with the Fire TV remote’s volume buttons. At the time, it seemed like only Fire OS 7 devices, like the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube, received the new capability. Now it looks like Amazon is finally bringing it to older Fire TV devices running Fire OS 6. At the very least, the Fire TV Stick 4K can now control Bluetooth volume using the remote volume buttons, which was not possible a few weeks ago. Other Fire OS 6 Fire TV models may be gaining the capability as well, but I haven’t had a chance to check, so please let everyone know in the comments if it works for you and which Fire TV model you are using. Thanks to everyone that contacted me about this new update!

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Netflix finally adds Frame Rate Matching for Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

Netflix has finally added support for Frame Rate Matching on Amazon Fire TV devices. See here for a thorough explanation of the feature but, in short, this change now allows Fire TVs to change the refresh rate of your TV to exactly match the frame rate of the video being played through Netflix. The result is a perfectly smooth one-to-one correlation between the frames of a video and the frames being shown on the TV, which eliminates video judder artifacts. Read more ›

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Amazon finally fixes the most annoying issue with Fire TV app sideloading

If you have a Fire TV devices running Fire OS 7, like the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and you sideload many apps, you’ve probably experienced the annoying bug where the icons of some sideloaded apps appear as grayed out missing icons. This bug has been present since at least early 2020 and is a result of the Fire TV home screen launcher not checking all possible locations for an app to store its icon image file. After over 2 years of Fire TV owners living with this bug, Amazon has finally addressed it in a recent update where all sideloaded app icons are now being correctly displayed. Read more ›

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Fire TV Apps can now be sorted by App Size to easily find the chubby ones

Fire TV apps have gotten bigger and bigger over the years and the number of pre-installed apps from Amazon continues to grown each year, however, the internal storage of nearly all Fire TV models is still the same 8GB it was back in 2014 when the first Fire TV was released. This has made running out of free internal storage one of the biggest problems that Fire TV owners face. To help figure out which of your Fire TV apps is hogging the most of your precious space, Amazon has added the option to sort your app list by app size, making it a lot easier to know which apps you might want to delete first. Read more ›

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Clearing app cache on a Fire TV is now easier than ever thanks to this recent change

Whether it’s to free up space on the paltry internal storage of a Fire TV Stick or to try to fix an app that is acting up, clearing the cache data of an app on a Fire TV can get to be a chore that needs to be frequently done. With a recent update to the app management screen in the Fire TV settings, it is now quicker and easier than ever to clear the cache of an app and move on with your streaming. Read more ›

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Amazon significantly improves Network Status Test on Fire TVs with new speed test feature and more

Amazon Fire TV devices have had a rudimentary network status check for a while that did very little. Usually, it just reported that the network was either disconnected or fine. At best, I’ve found that the tester would sometimes recommend a different WiFi channel to use if the one that is currently being used is congested. Amazon has now completely overhauled the Fire TV’s built-in network test with vastly more information as well as a built-in network speed test. Read more ›

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Amazon removes Developer Options from Fire TVs with latest software update

Amazon is rolling out a new software update to Fire TV devices that removes the Developer Options menu from the device’s settings menu. This is the menu that allows users to enable ADB debugging, for connecting to the Fire TV from a computer, and, more importantly, it is the menu that allows customers to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources for APK sideloading. Thankfully, the Developer Options menu has just been hidden and can easily be restored. Read more ›

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Fire TV’s new Navigation Menu is now official

Nearly two months ago, Amazon began rolling out a new navigation menu to Fire TV devices that replaced the text menu with icons and shuffled contents of the various tabs a bit. While a lot of people received the new menu initially, many people never saw the updated menu arrive. It seems as though Amazon has now pushed the new menu out to everyone and made the update official by sending out an email to various news sites, including myself, about the change. If you’re still seeing the old navigation menu, try checking for updates during the next few days.

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