Overview of Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software update 5.0.5 changes

Here’s an overview of the changes and additions brought to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick by software version 5.0.5. If you’d like to learn about what the jump from Fire OS 3 to Fire OS 5 has changed, be sure to checkout my previous articles here and here. This article concentrates on the differences between software version 5.0.4 and 5.0.5. Read more ›

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Software update for Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote improves thermal and power management


A new software update for the Fire TV Sticks with Voice Remote bundle is upon us. This update does not appear to be arriving on older Fire TV Sticks that were sold with non-voice remotes, since Amazon is still updating these two bundles separately. There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in the version numbering of this software update. Amazon’s source code page lists this update as, yet the Fire TV Stick interface shows it to be version number, just like the previous version. Both the source code page and the device list the new “user” number as 535062420. Regardless of which version number is correct, this new update brings no new features. My source at Amazon tells me this update fixes a few minor bugs with Fire OS 5 on the Fire TV Stick and focuses primarily on improving thermal and power management. No word yet on when older Fire TV Sticks and the 1st-gen Fire TV will receive the upcoming update to Fire OS 5, but I’m told a 5.0.4 update is currently scheduled for early December, so hopefully that will go out to all Fire TV models.

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Overview of Fire OS 5 software update changes for the Fire TV Stick

The new Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote has arrived with Fire OS 5 pre-installed, giving us our first look at what the new operating system brings to existing Fire TV devices updating from Fire OS 3. While those who ordered the new Stick bundle or new Fire TV 2 get these changes first, an update to Fire OS 5 for existing devices is on the horizon and should arrive soon. Here’s an overview of the changes and new features brought on by software version for the Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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Fire TV 2 update brings more audio fixes, plus remote and game controller updates


The latest software update, version, for the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick has been rolling out for a week now and should be available on most devices. Amazon continues to be coy with the details of this bug fixing update, but AFTVnews readers have thankfully chimed in with their findings to give all of us an idea of what has and hasn’t been fixed. Read more ›

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Software update 5.0.3 for Fire TV 2 squashes more bugs but not all

The new 5.0.3 software update for the 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV is still rolling out to devices, but we’re starting to get an idea of what it does and doesn’t fix. As we’ve come to expect, other than saying it contains “minor bug fixes and performance improvements,” Amazon isn’t providing any details about the update. Those who have already received the update have thankfully been active in the comments on my announcement post. Read more ›

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Latest software updates patch Stagefright vulnerability and fix HDCP blank screen issue

Software updates for the Fire TV and for the Fire TV Stick appear to consist of only bug fixes and no new features. These updates have patched the last remaining Stagefright vulnerable library. If you still have your hopes set on a new rooting method using the Stagefright vulnerability, you’ll want to avoid this update. Additionally, it appears these updates have also fixed the HDCP blank screen issue that some people have been experiencing. It does not appear as though Amazon has removed the newly added “always on” HDCP encryption, however several readers have told me, with this new update, they are no longer seeing blank screens when waking their Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks from sleep mode.

The Amazon Appstore app, which controls the “Apps” and “Games” sections on the Fire TV, seems to have received a lot of attention with this update. Unfortunately, I could not find any indication with this update that Amazon is adding Amazon Underground to the Fire TV. This doesn’t mean the Fire TV will never have access to Amazon Underground apps. It just means that it’s unlikely to be part of this update. The Amazon Music app, which controls the “Music” section on Fire TV devices, has also received some care with this update. But again, no new features were found.

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Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates bring only bug fixes


It has been just over a week since the Fire TV version and Fire TV Stick version software updates started rolling out to devices. Amazon’s official listing for these updates says they contain “minor bug fixes and performance improvements.” I’ve had a chance to dig through the source code and can confirm that there are no new features or visual changes brought on by these two updates. There’s no way to know what exactly was fixed or improved, but it appears the app which handles Amazon Instant Video playback has received a lot of attention with this update. The unreleased shopping feature has also been worked on quite a bit, which is expected since Amazon is probably close to announcing the new feature.

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Overview of Fire TV Software Update & Fire TV Stick Software Update

Here is an overview of all the changes the latest software update for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have to offer. The Fire TV has updated to version, while the Fire TV Stick has updated to version In addition to available features and changes, this software update contains remnants of several unreleased features that will be arriving on Fire TV devices in the near future. Read more ›

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Only bug fixes with latest Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates

Earlier this week, Amazon Fire TVs began receiving software update and Fire TV Sticks began receiving software update Neither update has added new features to either device. Amazon has officially labeled these updates as bug fixes. As usually, there’s no word on which bugs have been fixed. Comparing the current software package to the previous one reveals that the Fire TV’s appstore, Bluetooth component, and input device backend have been modified with this latest update. Additionally, as with most updates, several system framework components have been updated. Be sure to let us know if you’ve noticed any specific resolved issues.

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Overview of the new X-Ray feature on the Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Amazon slipped in a sleeping new feature with the last Fire TV update that they just woke up today. The new feature adds their X-Ray capabilities, first introduced on their Fire tablets, to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. X-Ray provides additional information about the actors, characters, and music in the movie or show that you’re currently watching through Amazon Instant Video. Here is an overview of the new X-Ray feature. Read more ›

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