Amazon Luna cloud gaming launches in the UK, Germany, and Canada

Amazon is expanding access to its Luna cloud gaming service beyond the US for the first time. Customers in the UK, Germany, and Canada can now try the service’s 7-day free trial and sign up for a subscription. In the UK, a subscription to the Luna+ channel, which gives you access to just over 100 games, will set you back £8.99/month. In Germany the price is €9.99/month and in Canada it is $12.99/month. You can also now buy the Luna Controller for £59.99 in the UK, €69.99 in Germany, and $89.99 in Canada. Prime members in all three countries also get free access to several games which change each month. This month the games are The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, Get Packed: Couch Chaos, Mega Man 11, and Sail Forth.

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Xiaomi releases its first 4K Amazon Fire TV Smart TVs to the UK in 43″, 50″, and 55″ sizes

Xiaomi joins Hisense by crossing Google’s line with the release of its first Amazon Fire TV Smart TVs. The Xiaomi F2 Series Fire TVs are a set of 4K LED LCD TVs in 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch sizes for the UK market. While these TVs have a few premium features, like support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), they are primarily going up against budget TVs and are a welcomed addition to the Fire TV lineup. Read more ›

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IMDb TV is now available in the UK

Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service, IMDb TV, is now available in the UK, according to Deadline. Currently, you can only access its content through the Prime Video app, but a Fire TV app for UK customers is said to be coming soon. Last month, IMDB TV finally launched standalone mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so those may soon become available to UK customers as well. This marks the first time IMDb TV has been available outside the US.

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Fire TV’s new Alexa Remote finally makes its way over to the UK

It looks like Amazon is finally bringing the new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote to the UK. The remote is listed as out of stock, but there is now a listing for it on Amazon’s UK site, as well as a new listing for the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick bundled with the new remote. Amazon introduced the new remote 2 months ago in numerous regions but did not include the UK at the time. While you can’t buy it in the UK just yet, it looks like it’s only a matter of time. Read more ›

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Amazon Kids is now available on Fire TVs in the UK and Germany

Amazon Kids, formerly known as Amazon FreeTime, has been available on Fire TV devices since the first model was released in 2014, but only in the US. That finally changes because now Fire TV owners in the UK and in Germany can also access the child silo on Fire TV devices. Amazon Kids, not to be confused with Amazon Kids+ the paid service for child content, is a child-focused interface for Amazon devices that allows kids to only have access to specific kid-friendly content. While Amazon Kids is available on other Amazon devices in Canada and Japan, it is not yet available on Fire TV devices in those regions. Also note that Amazon Kids is not available on all Fire TV models, even if you’re in the US, UK, or Germany.

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Amazon adds new ‘Live’ tab to Fire TVs in the UK

Amazon Fire TVs in the UK are getting a new ‘Live’ tab in their navigation menu. This new section of the Fire TV home launcher pulls in live programming from various sources and lists them on a single screen to make it easier to browse what’s airing live from different services. Read more ›

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Alexa Follow Up Mode and Voice Profiles are now available in the UK and beyond

Customers outside of the US are starting to receive some of Alexa’s more recently added capabilities. Follow Up mode, which allows customers to string together multiple requests without needing to say “Alexa” each time, has been spotted in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It may be available in other new regions as well. Voice Profiles, which allow Alexa to identify the speaker and tailor responses to them, has made an appearance in the UK as well. Follow Up mode is enabled on a per-device basis, so head into the device settings of the Alexa app to see if it’s available for your Echo. Voice Profiles are an account-wide feature, so check for a “Recognized Voices” option under “Alexa Account” in the Alexa app to see if it’s available.

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Alexa’s new ‘Brief Mode’ has arrived in the UK and Germany

Amazon has started to roll out Alexa’s new “Brief Mode” feature to devices in the UK, Germany, and possibly other countries around the world. The feature, when enabled, causes Alexa to respond with a confirmation chime for simple requests, such as turning on lights, instead of responding with its usual “Okay” reply. The feature first arrived in the US back in March of this year. It has taken a while, but it is now also available in other countries. To turn the feature on or off, find it under the “Alexa Voice Responses” option in the Alexa app’s settings menu.

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Alexa devices in the UK and Germany can now remotely control the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon has started rolling out an update in the UK and Germany that allows external Alexa devices to control Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. This feature has been available in the US for several months but is now making its way overseas. With this capability, you can ask Alexa on an Echo device to launch apps, start content, and control playback on Fire TV devices without using their remote control. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Spot is now available in the UK and Germany

Amazon has announced that the Echo Spot is now available in the UK and Germany. In the UK, it is priced at £119.99 and in Germany, you’ll pay €129.99. Both the white and black versions of the Echo Spot are available to preorder today in both countries and will be released on January 24th. The Echo Spot is Amazon’s second Echo with a screen, after the Echo Show. It features all of the same features of the larger Echo Show, but in a more compact form factor.

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