Nvidia Shield TV won’t be updated to Android 10 but Tivo Stream 4K might

Nvidia has confirmed on its product forum that the Shield TV will not be updating to Android 10, as spotted by @mrjuzmafia. An employee post states that “SHIELD development is still full steam ahead” and that “there is still a lot of development going into SHIELD” but Nvidia has decided to skip updating to Android 10 because “the effort was large and there was essential no impact to end users.” The Tivo Stream 4K, on the other hand, appears to be set to receive an Android 10 update, according to the Google Play Console, which @AndroidTV_Rumor spotted. Read more ›

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Target is now selling slightly updated Tivo Stream 4K devices

The Tivo Stream 4K saga continues. While some stores seem to be having a fire sale on Tivo’s Android TV dongle, other stores are received revamped devices. According to Zatz Not Funny!, the Tivo Stream 4K seen in the image above was purchased recently from Target, which just this week started selling Tivo Stream 4K units. What’s notable is the embossed “Tivo Guy” character on the dongle, which differs from the housing of older Tivo Stream 4K devices. Furthermore, Tivo is now using a new remote design in its marketing for its little streaming device. Read more ›

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Tivo Stream 4K dropping to $19 at some stores in possible fire sale — $25.49 at Tivo.com

The Tivo Stream 4K, the companies first Android TV streaming device, has a foggy future. The company first hinted at abandoning the product to focus on TVs running Tivo software, but then backtracked to say they are still supporting their streaming dongle and plan to release a successor. While the future of the Tivo Stream 4K is unknown, one thing that’s certain is that the price is dropping like a rock in what appears to be a fire sale to clear out inventory. Read more ›

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Tivo isn’t done making Android TV dongles just yet

Earlier this week, the future for streaming devices from Tivo running Android TV seemed bleak. CEO Jon Kirchner revealed in an earnings call that the release of the Chromecast with Google TV has caused the company to shift its focus towards embedding their software into TVs. While some priorities may have changed, Tivo has told Jared Newman over at TechHive that it’s not done with streaming hardware and that we should expect new Android TV dongles from TiVo. Additionally, Tivo says they will continue to improve their current Tivo Stream 4K dongle.

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Tivo is likely ditching Android TV because of the Chromecast with Google TV

It’s looking like the Tivo Stream 4K streaming media player dongle will likely be Tivo’s last Android TV device, as originally reported by Zatz Not Funny, and Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV dongle is to blame. In Tivo’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Jon Kirchner explained that they had planned to use Android TV as the core OS for their own interface and eventually work up to its own OS. Now that Google has shifted Android TV into being a more content-focused UX with the Google TV interface, Tivo is shifting its focus directly into its own OS. Read more ›

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Android TV benchmarks compared to every Fire TV — 2020 Chromecast, Shield TV, Tivo Stream 4K, and Mi Box

After benchmarking every Fire TV model ever released last week and posting the results, several of you asked for a similar post comparing Android TV devices. Now that the new 2020 Chromecast with Google TV has arrived, here’s a benchmark comparison of the Chromecast, two generations of Nvidia Shield TVs, the Tivo Stream 4K, and the Mi Box (for good measure) compared to every Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube model. Read more ›

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Tivo retires Amazon Fire TV app with new one in the works

A couple of years after its first appearance, Tivo has quietly retired their Fire TV app which never made it out of beta, as pointed out by Zatz Not Funny. Ted Malone, Tivo’s VP of Consumer Products, told Dave Zatz on Twitter that a new app would hopefully arrive next quarter. Tivo is building on “a new, cross-platform code base” that will make both Android and iOS apps possible. Tivo might have something to show as early as next week at CES. The removed Tivo app allowed customers to stream recorded content from their DVR through Fire TV devices, much like a Tivo Mini does.

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Tivo app arrives on Amazon Fire TV in Beta form


As promised, a new TiVo for Amazon Fire TV (Beta) app has just been added to the Fire TV appstore. The app is compatible with the brand new TiVo Bolt, TiVo Roamio Plus, and TiVo Roamio Pro. It will also work with the 4-tuner TiVo Roamio and TiVo Premiere if paired with a Tivo Stream. This new app allows TiVo owners to stream recorded content from their DVR through a 2nd-gen Fire TV, 1st-gen Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick. For TiVo owners who want their recordings accessable from multiple TVs in their home, this new app paired with a Fire TV Stick, while not as functional, is a much cheaper option than a TiVo Mini. If you’re the type who likes to travel with their Fire TV, the app also supports streaming on the road while out of your home, but with restrictions. Depending on the copy protection assigned by content providers, not all content can be streamed out of home. You’ll also be limited to stream to only one out of home device at a time. Oddly enough, the TiVo Bolt, TiVo’s latest and greatest box, does not support out of home streaming at this time. The new TiVo app is free and is compatible with all Fire TV devices.

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Tivo releases new Bolt DVR with Amazon Fire TV app coming soon

If money were no object, I would be subscribed to the highest tier gazillion channel package from my local cable TV provider to supplement the content I already watch through my Amazon Fire TV. To bridge the gap between the two content streams, I would use the new Tivo Bolt DVR. Tivo’s latest set top box brings the company’s hardware lineup up to speed with the competition from Amazon, Apple, and Roku. The Tivo Bolt features 4K streaming support, HTML5 based apps, and a true one-click commercial skipping feature. A new upcoming Amazon Fire TV app will let you view all of your recorded content through the Fire TV. Read more ›

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