How to Skip Pre-roll Ads from Prime Video on Amazon Fire TV devices

I spend most of my time covering what is new or has changed with Fire TV devices that I often forget that there are many minor things that the majority of users don’t know about. I want to do a better job of surfacing those things from time to time, so here’s how to skip the pre-roll video ads that occasionally play before Prime Video movies and TV shows on Amazon Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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Add “Prime Only” to Voice Searches to Filter Results

Lost among the slew of information on the Fire TV Stick product page is a handy tip to help refine voice searches on the Fire TV. If you append “Prime Only” to any search, the Fire TV will display only Prime eligible content. In the image above you can see the difference between saying “Tom Cruise prime only” and saying just “Tom Cruise” in a voice search.

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Tips for improving Voice Search with the Fire TV


Voice search is one of the killer features of the Amazon Fire TV. If you’re not in love with the feature, these tips should help improve your experience. Read more ›

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How to safely Reboot and Restart the Amazon Fire TV


It is generally fine to disconnect and then reconnect the Fire TV power cord to reset the Fire TV. It is even listed as the first thing to try on Amazon’s official troubleshooting page. However, if doing so is inconvenient or if you want a more controlled shutdown, you can restart the Fire TV by simultaneously holding down the “Select” and “Play” buttons on the remote for a few seconds. The Fire TV will display a shutting down message and reboot.

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How to Open the Amazon Fire TV Remote Control Battery Door

To open the Amazon Fire TV remote battery door, with your finger nail or small flathead screwdriver, push the battery door tab towards the bottom of the remote. Then pry the tab up and away from the remote.

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