New OTT streaming service TVision from T-Mobile is now available on Amazon Fire TVs and other devices

T-Mobile has launched their over-the-top streaming service, TVision, to compete with the likes of YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and others. The TVision app is already available in the Amazon appstore for Fire TV devices. It’s compatible with all Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick models except the 1st-gen Fire TV and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick. It has some actually compelling plans that start at just $10/month. Read more ›

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T-Mobile adds Amazon Video to Binge On while Stanford study says it’s ‘likely illegal’


Binge On allows T-Mobile subscribers to watch videos from select streaming services without using their allotted data. Amidst controversy that the plan throttles data and violates net neutrality laws, the company announced the expansion of the service to include additional streaming services including Amazon Video. Customers on a Binge On plan can now stream as much Amazon Video as they want without eating away at their data plan. The catch however, is that video will be downgraded to DVD 480p quality. You can enter #BNG# and press send on your T-Mobile device to see if you’re currently using the service and being downgraded. Entering #BOF# will disable the service, while entering #BON# will enable it.

A new study from Stanford University says T-Mobiel’s Binge On plan violates net nutrality principles and is “likely illegal.” Barbara van Schewick, the law professor who authored the Stanford study, says “T-Mobile’s Binge On is aptly named — it feels good in the short-term but harms consumers in the long run.” She continues to say “the program limits user choice, distorts competition, stifles innovation, and harms free speech on the Internet. If more ISPs offer similar programs, these harms will only grow worse.” There’s no doubt the FCC will be stepping in to determine if T-Mobile’s service plan violates net neutrality orders the agency introduced last year.

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