Amazon updates Fire TV system toolbar with more info and customization

Something that I expect most Fire TV owners do not know about is the hidden Developer Tools Menu on all Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Easily the most useful feature of the hidden menu is the System X-Ray toolbar which provides real-time information about the various Fire TV system components. The new software update that just rolled out to Fire TV 3s contains an updated v4.0 Developer Tools Menu that includes additional information not previously available. The updated System X-Ray feature is also now customizable so that you can set it to only display stats that you’re interested in seeing. Read more ›

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System X-Ray bar on Fire TV gains Custom App Metrics

The System X-Ray bar is a handy tool for app developers and curious Fire TV owners to better gauge the state of their hardware. You launch it from a hidden developer tools menu and it displays system information like CPU, memory, and network usage. With the latest software update, Amazon has added in the ability for app developers to display their own custom information in the System X-Ray bar. This makes understanding what an app is doing a lot easier than digging through system log files. For the average Fire TV owner, this addition will go mostly unnoticed, but if you ever find an app you’re using acting strange, you may want to open the System X-ray bar to see if the developer chose to display any information in it that could explain the odd behavior. This feature is too new for any apps to be using it already, but it may start being used in the future.

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Explanation of the System X-Ray bar on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


The System X-Ray bar on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is a handy overlay with display, CPU, memory, and network information. It can be turned on and off using the hidden Developer Tools Menu on Fire OS 5 devices. It is meant to be used by developers to better understand what their apps are doing, but it can also be useful for common users to diagnose problems and locate misbehaving apps. Here is an overview of what each piece of information in the bar means. Read more ›

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