UK and Germany probably getting 2nd-Gen Fire TV Stick soon

The 2nd generation Fire TV Stick has been available in the US since October of last year, but Amazon has not released it in other regions yet, like the UK and Germany, where they still sell the 1st generation device. I think this is about to change soon, due to an abrupt supply shortage of Fire TV Sticks in the US. Earlier this week, the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick suddenly became backordered in the US. Ordering one today won’t see it arrive for over a month. I suspect this is due to Amazon rerouting all supplies to the UK and Germany in preparation for the device’s imminent international launch. Read more ›

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Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick back in stock after being backordered for 5 months

The Alexa Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has just come back in stock. It went out of stock for the first time in August and has been backordered ever since. I speculated earlier this month that Amazon may be having trouble manufacturing enough of these remotes since, at the time, the voice remote was backordered and all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles which included the voice remote were out of stock worldwide, while bundles that did not include the voice remote were in stock. It seems Amazon has, for the time being at least, worked out their supply issues because all bundles, except the Fire TV 2 in the US, are now back in stock. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a spare or replacement voice remote, here’s your rare chance to get it without having to wait.

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick out of stock — Possibly due to Voice Remote production issues

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 has been out of stock for a little while, and now the Fire TV 2 has been going in and out of stock the last couple of days. I like to keep an eye on the availability of Amazon’s devices because low supply is often a good indication of next generation devices being released soon, but I don’t think that’s the case right now. It seems as if the voice remote might be having production issues, which is limiting the supply of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles that include the voice remote. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Antenna Bundle are back in stock


The Amazon Fire TV 2 and the Fire TV 2 Antenna Bundle have just come back into stock after being out of stock for quite a while. The Fire TV 2 stock has been relatively unstable ever since it went out of stock as a result of the Prime Day sale. Stock instability is usually an indicator of a new device coming, so we’ll see how long it stays in stock this round. There has been no definitive indication that an Amazon Fire TV 3 is coming this year, but even though the Fire TV Stick 2 was just announced, a new Fire TV is not out of the question since Amazon has been updating hardware one-by-one lately, instead of updating an entire line of devices.

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Fire TV and Voice Remote stock instability hint at new devices


The Amazon Fire TV has had some supply instability recently, which is likely an indication that new hardware is on the horizon. The Fire TV went out of stock as a result of the Prime Day sale in July. It didn’t come back in stock until earlier this week. All of Amazon’s other devices that went out of stock after Prime Day were back in stock within 2 weeks. Today, the Fire TV Voice Remote just went out of stock, for the first time ever, with an expected return date of Spetember 16th. The Fire TV’s long hiatus, and the Voice Remote’s sudden shortage, is a good indicator that both will likely be replaced soon. What’s most surprising though, is the Fire TV Stick’s supply stability. Read more ›

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2nd-Gen Amazon Fire TV has gone out of stock

It looks like yesterday’s short lived sale on the 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV was pretty popular. The new Fire TV is now listed as out of stock for the first time, with an expected availability date of October 19th. This stock shortage could explain why yesterday’s sale only lasted half a day. It looks like, once again, Amazon underestimated the popularity of a Fire TV sale. While the new device has been suffering from poor initial customer reviews, due to some launch day software bugs that Amazon is no doubt frantically stomping out, it doesn’t seem to be effecting the device’s sales much. Since the Fire TV Gaming Edition comes packaged in it’s own retail box, its stock is unaffected by yesterday’s sale and remains in stock.


10/8 6:24pm Now showing back in stock on October 30

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