Kodi’s future on Android and the Amazon Fire TV is in jeopardy


A shortage of Android developers among the Kodi team is putting the future of Kodi on Android and the Fire TV in jeopardy. In a blog post, Nathan Betzen, president of the XBMC Foundation and a project manager on Kodi, put a call out for Android developers, stating “we can’t stress this enough, if we don’t get an Android dev soon, Kodi for Android could very well die out. This is a significant future problem.” Other than code being contributed back into Kodi by the developers of SPMC and MrMC, there is currently no one working on the Android version of Kodi. If new Android developers join the team, their first task would be “to simply port the work done on SPMC and MrMC into Kodi.” Both forked apps are thankfully open source projects. In the developer of SPMC’s own words, “Kodi on Android is on life support.” Read more ›

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SPMC requests app withdrawal to protest Kodi’s removal from Amazon Appstore


The developer of SPMC, the most popular unofficial spinoff of Kodi, has requested for Amazon to remove his app from the Amazon Appstore in protest of Amazon’s decision to remove Kodi from their appstore last week. Koying, the developer of SPMC, says there is no way for a developer to remove their app themselves, so he has submitted a support ticket for its removal and is currently waiting for Amazon’s response. In his message to Amazon, he writes “In light of your ridiculous removal of Kodi from you store and by solidarity, I hereby request that you remove my SPMC (com.semperpax.spmc) app from your store.” Koying’s decision is bold and garners respect, especially considering his app would have been in a position to gain in popularity following the removal of Kodi. #freeKodi

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How to launch Kodi, XBMC, SPMC and other sideloaded apps from the Fire TV homescreen

Sideloaded apps like Kodi, XBMC, and SPMC are inconvenient to launch since they don’t show up on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s “Home” and “Apps” section. Instead you have to dig deep into the settings menu, requiring over 20 remote button presses, to launch a sideloaded app. I’ve been putting off writing this guide in hopes of finding a universal way to make all sideloaded apps equal citizens to official apps from the Amazon Appstore. That hasn’t happened, so this is a comprehensive guide of all the different ways to launch sideloaded apps faster. Each method is presented with its pros and cons for you to decide the best option for your needs. The guides concentrate specifically on Kodi, XBMC, and SPMC, but will work for any sideloaded app, unless otherwise noted. None of the methods require rooting. Read more ›

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